Digital transformation for manufacturing

We’re developing people-centred solutions for the manufacturing sector using advanced manufacturing knowledge and process monitoring.

We're empowering manufacturing

Manufacturing is transitioning towards a low labour, higher productivity future.

The next stage in manufacturing will be to focus on people, where current solutions are aimed at automating the work required. New technologies in manufacturing will aim to enhance lean manufacturing, to increase productivity and competitiveness. However, this will require a true systems approach to manufacturing.

We're multidisciplinary

Our 3DEC Digital Transformation of Manufacturing team works across technology including sensors, material behaviour modelling, process simulation and virtual and augmented reality for training. Person-centred design and engineering are integrated for digitally enabled solutions for product service systems developed for enhancing the manufacturing workforce.

3DEC digital transformations for manufacturing

Collaborate with us

The 3DEC team builds partnerships with manufacturers, industry and government organisations to deliver innovative, transformative manufacturing solutions for a digital era.

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