Emergency information

Emergency phone numbers

On-campus landline Off-campus or on a mobile
Ambulance, Fire or Police 0 000 000
Deakin Security and first
aid assistance
222 1800 062 579
Poison 0 13 11 26 13 11 26

Calling 000

When you call 000 emergency services, tell them:

  • your name
  • campus address 
  • type of emergency
  • exact location of the emergency on campus
  • if (and how many) people are injured
  • the nature of the illness (if it’s a medical emergency).

Emergency assembly areas

In the event of an emergency or fire, don't panic.

Calmly make your way to the nearest assembly area and await further instructions.

Download our campus assembly area maps below.

PDF Burwood assembly areas337.7KB

PDF Waurn Ponds assembly areas510.3KB

PDF Geelong Waterfront assembly areas452.1KB

PDF Warrnambool assembly areas344.4KB

What to do in an emergency

Fire or building evacuation

If you hear the alert signal (beep-beep sound)

Stand by and await instructions from a warden. If after one minute a warden hasn't arrived to give you instructions, turn off electrical equipment and evacuate to the nearest emergency assembly area.

If you hear the evacuation siren (whooping sound)

Evacuate to the nearest emergency assembly area and await further instructions from the wardens or the fire brigade.

If you hear a fire alarm bell (and no other signal)

Evacuate to the nearest emergency assembly area and await further instructions from the wardens or the fire brigade.

If you find a fire

  • If it's safe to do so, assist anyone in immediate danger and call for help.
  • Isolate the fire by closing doors if you can.
  • Report the fire by activating a break-glass alarm and/or calling the fire brigade and security (numbers above).
  • Evacuate to the nearest emergency assembly area.
  • Do not re-enter the building until you've been advised that it is safe by the fire brigade.

Medical emergency

  • Call an ambulance on 000 (dial 0 first if calling from a campus landline).
  • Call first aid assistance on 1800 062 579. If you're calling from a campus landline call 222.
  • Contact the poisons information line on 13 11 26 (dial 0 first if calling from a campus landline).

Dangerous or threatening person on campus

You should report anyone or anything suspicious to security on 222 or 1800 062579. If you're confronted by an aggressive person or with threats of violence contact the police on 000 (dial 0 first if on campus).

Gas leak, chemical hazard or spill

  • Do not use mobile phones in a gas leak.
  • If it’s safe to do so, isolate the area by closing doors and evacuate the immediate area.
  • Find a campus landline and call 222 to report the hazard to security.
  • If you can't report the hazard, break the nearest break-glass alarm. This will automatically notify both the fire brigade and security.

Minor emergencies

A minor emergency could be something like a small amount of flooding, sewerage overflow, minor medical issues or any concern of a similar nature. In these cases, please contact a staff member and follow their directions.

Off-campus emergency assistance

Hospitals and emergency rooms

The Australian hospital system consists of both public and private hospitals. Accident and emergency treatment is available around the clock from public and some private hospitals.

Find a hospital near you

After-hours medical services

Deakin University students living within 50 kilometres of Melbourne can arrange for a doctor to visit them at home by calling the Home Visiting Doctor on 9429 5677. Visits are available on days, nights, weekends and public holidays.

Learn more about the Home Visiting Doctor

Emergency accommodation

We understand that your housing situation could be affected in a time of crisis. Our off-campus housing service can provide you with advice and information if you're in need of emergency accommodation.

Find out more about our off-campus housing service

Crisis support information and helplines

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria

Centre Against Sexual Assault

The Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) provides a free and confidential 24-hour emergency or crisis care service for victims or survivors who have recently been sexually assaulted. This includes crisis counselling support and may include access to medical care and legal processes. 

Call 1800 806 292
Visit the CASA website

DirectLine (Drug and Alcohol helpline)

DirectLine is 24-hour drug and alcohol helpline.

Call 1800 888 236
Visit the DirectLine website

Gambler’s Help

Gambler's Help provides confidential support and advice for gamblers and family/friends of gamblers.

Call 1800 858 858
Visit the Gambler's Help website

Gay/Lesbian Switchboard

The Switchboard provides free, confidential and anonymous telephone counselling, referral and information services for the Victorian and Tasmanian gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) community and its supporters.

Call 1800 184 527
Visit the Gay/Lesbian Switchboard website

Kids helpline

Kids helpline is a counselling service for children and young people aged between five and 25.

Call 1800 551 800
Visit the Kids helpline website


Mensline Australia is a dedicated service for men with relationship and family concerns.

Call 1300 78 99 78
Visit the Mensline Australia website


Lifeline is a 24-hour crisis hotline.

Call 13 1114
Visit the Lifeline website

Safe steps

A not-for-profit service for women and children experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone close to them.

Call 03 9329 8433
Visit Safe steps online

Study Melbourne Student Centre International Students Helpline

The Study Melbourne Student Centre (SMSC) helpline provides a free, confidential hotline for international students in Victoria. Interpreters are available on request.

Call 1800 056 449
Visit the SMSC website

Suicide helpline

Suicideline provides free professional and anonymous support across Victoria, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call 1300 651251
Visit the Suicideline website

Telephone interpreter service

This free interpreter service helps people who do not speak English (or have English as a second language) communicate with any other phone service. 

Call 13 14 50