Occupational health and safety

Here at Deakin, OHS isn’t just a policy. We’re committed to providing our staff with a safe, healthy and happy work environment.

Our OHS manual

Deakin's OHS manual covers our policies for everything from emergencies and first aid, to laser and radiation safety to desk ergonomics. 

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Incident reporting

All Deakin staff members are encouraged to take safety seriously, and raise issues that may be affecting them or their colleagues. From time to time, staff may be required to report an incident. This could be anything from a near miss to an injury.

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Local OHS committees

Faculties and other divisions may have OHS committees in order to meet their own needs. If that's the case, they have to comply with all legal and legislative guidelines.

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OHS induction standard

All new staff members (and staff whose roles have changed significantly) must receive an OHS induction. This usually happens in the first week of employment, while the staff member is going through normal workplace inductions. 

Most roles will require a general induction into your team and the university. If your work is hazardous or involves working in a hazardous location, you will receive a more comprehensive induction that focuses on enabling you to carry out your work safely.

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OHS training

We have face-to-face OHS training for managers and supervisors, as well as tailored training sessions about specific aspects of OHS. We've also got online training tools such as Smartmove, risk assessment training and a suite of OHS videos (hardcopy and digital).

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Safe work environment

The safe work environment section of our OHS manual explains how to promote safe work practices, manage OHS risks and provide a safe environment. It includes information around the prevention of falls, indoor thermal comfort, children and animals on campus and ergonomics. 

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Safe work practice instructions

Written safe working instructions are an important part of enjoying a safe workplace. Writing OHS instructions is a vital part of an overall OHS program. 

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Health and safety work programs

We have a number of programs, including security arrangements, to ensure our campuses and work locations are safe and healthy for all.

Deakin also runs a range of health and wellbeing programs that promote personal health and development, as well as a healthy and satisfying place to work.

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