Staff support

Deakin wouldn’t be the university it is without our exceptional staff.

The support we offer puts your physical and mental health first so you can continue to deliver the best experience for our students. Take advantage of discounts on healthy living, free counselling and fitness challenges.

Staff counselling service

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, independent confidential counselling service offered to all staff.

Learn more about the Employee Assistance Program

Occupational health and safety

We take OH&S seriously at Deakin. That means actively working to minimise accidents, injuries and emergencies so that all our staff enjoy a safe and supportive work environment.

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We make a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible

We’ve partnered with the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program to help us provide the services and options that suit you and your needs at Deakin.

Health and wellbeing services

On-campus medical centres

The doctors and registered nurses at our on-campus medical centres are fully available to staff – for general check-ups through to specialist referrals and everything in between. The out-of-pocket fee varies from $20–$25 and you can claim it back through Medicare.

Find out more about Deakin’s medical centres

Gyms and sport facilities

It’s great having a gym at work – and it’s even better having access to all our sporting facilities. You’ll never miss a workout when you can take advantage of our weight rooms, gym equipment, tennis and basketball courts and ovals. We also run organised sport competitions.

Find out more about our sports and gym facilities

Health and wellbeing events

Deakin regularly participates in health initiatives like the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), Women’s Health Week, RUOK Day and charity fun runs throughout the year. Have some fun while raising awareness for some great causes.

Discounts on health centres in Geelong

The Geelong region has a number of swim, sport and leisure centres that give staff a corporate discount. Just mention that you’re a Deakin employee when signing up for a membership.

Visit the Swim Sport and Leisure website

Cycling facilities

Riding your bike is not only great for your health, it’s also great for the environment. We have bike cages, showers and change rooms for your use if you ride to and from campus.

Smoke-free campuses

Giving up smoking? Then our campuses are the best places to be. There’ll be no temptation – inside or out.

Disability support

Deakin University is an inclusive workplace and is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices meet the needs of every staff member.

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Mental health support

The experience of mental illness in Australia is common, with one in five, or 20% of Australians aged 16–85 experiencing a mental illness in any one year. Relationships, participation at work and/or school and day-to-day functioning can all be impacted when a person is experiencing mental ill health. If you are struggling with any of these issues, there is lots of help available for you at Deakin University.

Harassment and discrimination support

Deakin University is strongly committed to the principles of equity and fairness in education and employment. Deakin will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation. A network of Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers provides support and information to staff.

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