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A+BOUT is the School of Architecture and Built Environment's student publication; it is designed, produced and edited entirely by students. The publication features the very best student work and includes articles that detail the School's activities and achievements.

A+BOUT 2018

In 2019 a dedicated group of students embarked on the extra-curriculum task of developing the A+BOUT 2018 student publication. The new A+BOUT comprises outstanding student work from 2018 and is an awe-inspiring thin flat package that expands into a three-dimensional structure.

In the expanded version the geometry and ‘saw tooth’ edge references the architectural significant Deakin Waterfront Campus, transformed from the old Geelong Woolstores industrial structure to become the headquarters of Deakin University in the mid 1990s.

Conceptualised by Ciro Marquez, one of our most talented architecture design staff, his idea was developed, composed, formatted, and executed by a team of leading students including Ned McDonald, Callan Green, Aremel Tibayan, Luke Ward, Christine Jorge, Adelia Sari, Matthew Gulli, Jarrod Argent, Julie Pham, Angus Mckinnon and Dylan Armstrong.

A+BOUT 2018 acknowledges excellent student work and makes these projects public. These projects – their thoughtfulness, speculative and real, combining technical innovations, social sustenance and imagination, and clear, strong design intent – generate a real value of the contribution architecture makes in the world as well as in the university environment. Valuing this work escalates our reputation as a school teaching the next generation of architects.

Image: ABOUT 2018 expanded

Copies of A+BOUT 2018 are available from the School of Architecture and Built Environment, Deakin Waterfront Campus. The student works are also available electronically on the A+BOUT website.

A+BOUT 2017

A+BOUT 2017 catalogues the very best work produced by our students throughout 2017. The catalogue has been published online and includes the work of award winning students and those who exhibited at PaperSpace, the School’s student exhibition.

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A+BOUT 2016

A+BOUT 2016 highlights and displays the diversity of student work, as well as offers a singular interpretation and categorization of the projects.

A+BOUT 2016 identifies four distinct categories as the elemental and fundamental components of the built environment including Forum (place), Cogitatum (deliberation, thoughts and reflections), Terranum (earth, land and country) and Tignum (building materials, posts, beam and floor). A+BOUT 2016 presents the curated selection of projects from the School, according to the presence and relevance of each of these four categories in their conception and design.

Each project in A+BOUT 2016 is assigned a value with respect to the four categories; these values are condensed in a symbol that maps out how the project responds to the four categories. The total area of the symbol provides the code you enter in the online version of A+BOUT 2016 where more extensive content of each project can be accessed.

Finally, each project is situated in the publication inside the booklet correspondent to the dominant category in the analysed proposal, avoiding the traditional hierarchical distribution in units and year levels. The four booklets in a single publication are representative of the School and the folded banner/cover that ties them together symbolizes our multiple, complex and diverse understanding of the built environment.

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