Deakin's unique cross-discipline psychology courses

Interested in studying a psychology course but don’t see yourself becoming a clinical psychologist? An in-depth understanding of the science behind human behaviour is the perfect basis for a people-oriented business career.

The Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) and Bachelor of Human Resources Management (Psychology) are two degrees that allow you to pursue dual paths of interest, solidifying your employability while also keeping your prospects open. Plus, they give you the benefit of two specialisations without having to extend your undergraduate degree into a fourth year.

Study marketing and psychology in one degree

There is a huge demand for specialised skillsets in business disciplines, says Dr Virginia Weber, Course Director for the Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology).

'Having the ability to understand human psychology can set a graduate apart and above when it comes to getting their first job, as they will be better trained for careers in their core area (e.g. market research, customer success manager, consumer experience designer, etc., and careers related to HR and psychology),' she explains. 'For students excited about psychology but who want a career that is focused on practical, business-based applications of that knowledge, these degrees are an essential combination.'

The courses have been specifically designed to provide complementary skills that meet the demands of businesses now and in the future. The uniquely tailored combination of units set graduates apart in a competitive career marketplace.

'The entire course map is designed for you so there’s no ambiguity about what to take,' Dr Weber explains. 'Every unit has been carefully selected to give you the most knowledge and best experience for when you graduate and commence your career.'

A psychological focus on human resources

The effective management of people within an organisation requires sophisticated interpersonal skills. Graduates from the Bachelor of Human Resources Management (Psychology) will have an understanding of the roots of human behaviour.

'They will be able to clearly make the psychological link for everyday HR business processes, helping to make more clearly justified and substantiated business decisions based on psychological science,' Dr Flatau-Harrsion, Course Director of Deakin's Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology), explains.

A key benefit of the Bachelor of Human Resources Management (Psychology) is that students graduate with dual accreditations from the Australian HR Institute and the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

'This is unique to this university, as typically to complete an accredited degree from both disciplines students would need to enrol in a four-year double degree [such as a Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)/Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)],' Dr Flatau-Harrsion says.

Another benefit of combining human resources and psychology is the professional development embedded in the degree. 'Students will be completing a work integrated learning unit giving them practical experience,' Dr Flatau-Harrsion says. 'They therefore enter the job market quicker and with more experience than competitors.'

Marketing with psychological insight

With the Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology), students are concurrently building their skills in both fields, gaining the expertise to make marketing decisions with a true insight into the science behind consumer behaviour.

The course is a pathway to becoming a Certified Practicing Marketer and a registered psychologist, affording students the opportunity to keep their options open as they gain valuable experience.

According to Dr Weber if you are looking to put yourself at the forefront of the interconnection between industry and academics, you can’t go past these courses.

'Degrees like this are innovative because they look at what the world of industry, business, and practice actually need and what trends are emerging,' she explains. 'And they tailor the units and course offering to specifically endow skills and knowledge related to those emerging needs in the world of industry.'

They also provide a strong grounding in the theory that allows you to be flexible and adaptable as your career progresses.

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