Deakin Cats Community Centre

Deakin has always supported the Geelong Football Club (GFC) and is proud of its partnership with the Deakin Cats Community Centre (DCCC). The centre serves as a hub for several GFC and Deakin community initiatives including BioCATS, Cats Community Education programs, Cyber Cats and Just Think. It's also a Geelong community resource, providing an accessible training venue, meeting and lecture facilities.

Making health education more accessible

Since its launch in 2013, DCCC has had more than 60 different community organisations deliver health and wellbeing sessions on site. 

Over 35,000 people have used the centre for community education purposes, free of charge. Deakin values the opportunity to be part of a venue that encourages greater community participation. 

In particular, schools and sporting groups in the Geelong region are reaping the benefits of access to the facilities and GFC and Deakin programs.

Learn the science of football

BioCATS is a Year 5–6 educational program developed by the Geelong Cats and BioLAB, supported by Deakin. School students and teachers participate in dynamic, scientific experiments, using problem-solving, statistical analysis and observation skills.

A team of BioLAB scientists and mathematicians teach the science and maths of football and career pathways into sport. The program explores the latest trends in sport and reinforces the benefits that come from sports participation.

Keeping our kids safe

Cyber Cats is a program aimed at addressing cyber bulling and online safety for young people. The program is offered to Year 7 students in the Geelong region and is run out of the Deakin Cats Community Centre. 

Deakin is a partner and contributor to the program, alongside Headspace Geelong, Telstra, Barwon Medicare Local, Victoria Police, BATForce, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the Department of Education.

Deakin's Engagement and Access Program

Deakin's Engagement and Access Program (DEAP) is a Deakin program that aims to reduce educational inequities between those students from low and high socio-economic backgrounds. 

Deakin runs a component of DEAP from DCCC. We partner with schools in the Geelong and Barwon South Western region to deliver a series of age-specific activities to encourage interest in going to university.

The program is a combination of in-school, DCCC and on-campus practical sessions for students from Year 4–12. 

Led by Deakin staff and school teachers, students identify their strengths and interests and use these to brainstorm possible future pathways. In Year 9, they may get to participate in the Deakin School News Network, promoting careers in journalism, media and broadcasting.

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