Entry pathways

The traditional path from Year 12 to university isn’t the only way into Deakin. We welcome students through diverse entry pathways. If you didn’t get the score you needed, haven't completed Year 12, or are working and looking for ways to transition into tertiary education, we can help. 

It’s a good way for those people who don’t have high enough VCE grades to get into university; they can go to Deakin College or TAFE and get into Deakin University that way.



Find your pathway into Deakin

No matter your ATAR or education history, we're here to help you find a pathway into university. Try our Pathway Finder and explore the options that may be available to you.

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Start learning on campus immediately

A Deakin associate degree in arts or education lets you study in a supported campus environment. It also gives you a direct, guaranteed pathway to an arts, criminology or primary education bachelor's degree. 

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Transfer between campuses

Deakin has multiple campuses across Victoria, as well as the Cloud Campus online, and many of our courses are offered at more than one. The entry requirements can vary per campus but the same high-quality degree is delivered no matter where you study. 

So if you don't meet the entry requirements for the campus you want, you can apply to transfer after your first year of study and take the credit for subjects already completed with you (subject to availability and meeting academic criteria).

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Transfer between courses

Apply to study a course with similar subjects or major sequences but a lower ATAR and use this as a pathway into your ideal course. You'll also be able to gain credit for the subjects you've already completed.

Pathways between Deakin courses include moving from a single degree to a combined course or from a general degree to a specialist one. Transfers may be possible following completion of your first year of study at Deakin (subject to availability and meeting academic criteria).

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Which path will you take?

Find your pathway to Deakin through our TAFE partners. Get two qualifications, learn a wide range of skills and enjoy work-life balance.

Deakin College

Deakin College provides a fast-track pathway into Deakin undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Classes are conducted across three Deakin campuses: Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Waterfront and Geelong Waurn Ponds. 

Once students complete a Deakin College diploma and satisfy Deakin's academic entrance criteria, graduates are offered a place at Deakin University to commence second-year studies.

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TAFE can get you two qualifications

Our guaranteed entry TAFE partners let you study a diploma or advanced diploma at one of dozens of campuses across Victoria and Australia and get credit towards your Deakin degree.

Studying a TAFE diploma or advanced diploma first means you'll also come out with two qualifications: one from TAFE and one from Deakin. By studying at your local TAFE first, you may also find it a smoother, more flexible transition into higher education.

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Deakin Learning Centres - learn where it suits you

Along with three dedicated Deakin Learning Centres, there are several TAFEs that offer Deakin courses in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Deakin Learning Centres give you the access and flexibility to get the support you need throughout your studies, even if you don't live near one of our campuses.

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Other pathways

Credit for Prior Learning

Sometimes life can get in the way of your education. If you’ve been working, you may be able to use your experience in the workforce to get ahead in your Deakin degree. 

Your industry skills and achievements could be just as important as previous study and make you eligible for credit for prior learning. 

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DeakinCo credentials acknowledges your current skill set and converts it into university credentials without sitting through a uni course relearning what you already know. Developed in conjunction with industry, it’s true validation of your experience.

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VCE with a side of university to go

Deakin Accelerate, our VCE higher education studies program gets you on campus, challenges you to study first-year university units as part of your VCE and gives you credit towards your ATAR. 

Plus, if you choose Deakin for your tertiary education post VCE, your units can often be credited towards the subjects you choose.

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Special Entry Access Scheme

The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) helps students applying for undergraduate degrees who might not have had the opportunity to show their potential for university. A range of factors can be assessed, including difficult circumstances, a disadvantaged financial background and medical conditions. 

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