You have the opportunity to explore the nature of the modern world – the forces that have shaped our past and present, and the ways historians interpret historical events. Themes covered include the world in the twentieth century, war and peace, modernisation and social change, colonialism, and gender. Specialised subjects include the Holocaust, the French Revolution, Modern Asia, Slavery in the United States, the British Empire, colonial Papua New Guinea, and Sport in History.

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MJ-A000023 (major)

MN-A000023 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

Career outcomes

You may find employment opportunities in the education sector, local government, media corporations, museums/heritage organisations, research consultancies and tourism organisations.

Explore units


  • To complete a Major sequence in History select eight (8) credit points as outlined below;
  • To complete a Minor sequence in History select any four (4) units from below, including no more than two (2) credit points at level 3

Complete the following 2 units from level 1:

  • The Modern World: Nations, Empires, Ideologies, 1860s to 1930s AIH107
  • The Modern World: Globalisation and Fragmentation, the 1940s to the 21st Century AIH108
  • Complete the following unit from level 2:

  • History: Interpreting the Past AIH240
  • Complete a further 3 units from level 2, selected from:

  • Sex and Gender in the British Empire AIH205
  • Australia in the Age of Total War 1914-1945 AIH238
  • The Holocaust AIH264
  • Conflict and Its Legacies in Modern Asia AIH267
  • African American History From Slavery to Black Lives Matter AIH276
  • Colonial Encounters: From Invasion to Federation AIH288
  • A History of Australian Football, 1858-2020 AST250
  • Sport in History AST256
  • Complete the following unit from level 3:

  • Making History AIH399
  • Complete a further unit from level 3, selected from:

  • Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea AIH326
  • Global Disasters AIH383