Media studies



This is an area of rapid and continuous technological, political, economic and social change. Much of the recent explosion in the stock of human knowledge is linked with developments in media. This course of study enables you to graduate with a unique ‘multiskilled’ qualification appropriate for many careers and job markets.

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MJ-AU00008 (major)

MN-AU00008 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (Online)

Career outcomes

Graduates can expect to gain employment in a wide range of organisations, including the education sector, the entertainment industry, marketing consultancies, multimedia businesses, newspaper and magazine publishers, public relations agencies and radio and television companies.

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  • To complete a Major sequence in Media Studies select eight (8) credit points as outlined below;
  • To complete a Minor sequence in Media Studies select any four (4) units from below, including no more than two (2) credit points at level 3.  It is highly recommended that students undertake level 1 units as part of their minor sequence.

Complete the following 2 units from level 1:

  • Media Genres: Negotiating Textual Forms and Pleasures ALC104
  • Screening History ACF104 (previously ALC106)
  • Complete the following 2 units from level 2:

  • Global Media ALM215 (previously ALC215)
  • Contemporary Topics in Screen Cultures ACF206 (previously ALC216)
  • Complete the following 4 units from level 3:

  • The Celebrity Industries: Star Images, Fan Cultures and Performance ACF304 (previously ALM304)
  • Media Ecologies ALM305 (previously ALC305)
  • Advertising: Desire, Consumption and the Attention Economy ACC302
  • The Australian Moving Image ACF320