Film studies



Film studies involves exploring historical, textual, critical, and cultural approaches to film, television and animation in local and global contexts, enhancing your screen literacy. Film studies covers key histories in world cinemas, developments in screen technologies and audio-visual language, contemporary screen cultures including film festivals and Asian cinemas, and examining the role of celebrity, stardom and fan culture in the broader screen industries.

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MN-A317005 (minor)

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    To complete a Minor sequence in Film Studies complete the four (4) units as specified below

Complete the following unit from level 1:

  • Screening History ACF104
  • Complete the following 2 units from level 2:

  • Contemporary Topics in Screen Cultures ACF206
  • Contemporary Asian Cinema: Texts, Contexts and Experiences ACF213
  • Complete the following unit from level 3:

  • Celebrity Industries ACF304