Deakin is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our students, staff and University community.

COVIDSafe campus safety

Campus life is at the heart of the Deakin experience. We can all stay well by choosing to stay ahead of COVID. Choose to stay safe by wearing a mask in indoor settings, getting together in well ventilated spaces and staying up to date with vaccinations.

The guidance for staff, students and visitors is not to attend the campus if you are symptomatic.

While vaccination is no longer mandatory, it is strongly recommended.

Please note, students attending placements in high-risk settings where vaccine mandates remain in place are still subject to any vaccine requirements applicable to these settings.

We continue to monitor Victorian State Government guidelines to ensure our campuses promote the safety and wellbeing of our community.

International student information

We are excited to welcome our international students back to campus in 2022.

Staff information

The safety and wellbeing of our community remains a top priority. Please browse the large range of questions we have answered for you.

Supporting our community

As we continue to live with COVID, there are important steps you should take to help reduce the spread, and protect yourself and those who are most at risk.

The risk of catching or passing the infection to others is higher if you are not up to date with your vaccinations, when you are in close contact with the person infected with COVID, lack of basic hygiene, or if you spend time in poorly ventilated or crowded indoor settings.

More information about staying safe can be on the Victorian Government website Staying ahead of COVID-19.

General reminders

Before attending a Deakin campus or facility:

While attending a Deakin campus or facility:

  • should symptoms develop while on campus, wear a face mask, leave campus as soon as possible and get tested
  • maintain good hygiene, including regularly washing and sanitising hands
  • practice social distancing where possible
  • carry a face mask for high-risk settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • clean or wipe down equipment you use.

By attending a Deakin University campus or facility, you’re declaring you’re well and without COVID symptoms.

What to do if you test positive to COVID

Staff and students should continue to report positive COVID tests to to ensure you and contacts receive support and guidance.

While mandatory COVID-19 isolation no longer applies, staff and students should not attend onsite work or study for at least 5 days from a positive test and until they are no longer symptomatic.

Useful websites

To ensure you're accessing the latest and most reliable news, please visit these websites for further coronavirus disease (COVID-19) information.

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