Creative arts majors and minors

Realise your passion

Personalise your degree with majors and minors tailored to your specific interests and talents.

What can I major in?

Study a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Deakin and be immersed in your creative practice. Major in one of the following areas and work towards a sustained arts career doing what you love.


Do you want to explore the exciting physical, social and conceptual possibilities of contemporary dance? Learn technique, choreography, history and theory in a studio setting, while at the same time enjoy the opportunity to perform live and connect with the professional dance industry.

Career outcomes:

  • dance performance
  • choreography
  • community art practice
  • dance education
  • event, festival and production management
  • arts administration and curation
  • dance therapies.


Do you want to get amongst the next generation of dynamic theatre makers to create innovative contemporary performances? You will be challenged to develop your physical, creative and intellectual abilities in a studio setting, building the skills to become a versatile and agile theatre practitioner.

Career outcomes:

  • acting
  • community theatre
  • drama education
  • festival or event management
  • producing
  • stage management
  • theatre directing
  • youth theatre.


Do you want to gain the technical skills and hands-on experience to pursue a professional photography career? Work with professional-grade facilities and equipment and study photography as a 21st century tool for connectivity.

Career outcomes:

  • independent fine arts practitioner
  • event and sports photographer
  • commercial portraiture
  • fashion or product photographer
  • community-based arts photographer
  • gallery director or assistant.


Do you want to develop the expertise and professional skills to thrive in the exciting and rapidly changing industry of publishing? Gain practical experience in editing, feature writing, writing for young people and the process of digital publication.

Career outcomes:

  • publishing
  • editing
  • education
  • research
  • copywriting and technical writing
  • performing arts.

Visual arts

Do want to learn practical studio skills and work towards exhibiting your artwork? Study visual arts and combine in-depth disciplinary training in drawing, painting, 3D construction, fabrication and digital technologies with adaptable critical thinking skills.

Career outcomes:

  • digital technologies
  • traditional techniques
  • interdisciplinary practices
  • studio practice.


Do you want to explore your craft and hone your creative writing skills? Get practical experience in different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting, life writing and more, and work towards developing a writing folio.

Career outcomes:

  • professional and creative writing
  • education and research
  • copywriting, speechwriting and technical writing
  • scriptwriting for screen and stage
  • video-game industry.

Minors allow you to personalise your degree even further

2D practices in the visual arts

Develop a range of 2D creative practice skills, including painting, drawing and the use of digital technologies.

3D practices in the visual arts

Learn fundamentals in drawing and modelling in order to visualise your own 2D and 3D artworks.

Analogue practices (photography)

Analogue practices will give you the foundational skills required to shoot, develop and print photographic images.

Creative writing

Develop creative skills in writing and progress to the specific forms of fiction, creative non-fiction and life writing.


Work on dance performances and learn technique, choreography, history and theory in a studio setting.

Digital practices (photography)

Learn how to use digital cameras in conjunction with post-production techniques, while developing your creative style.

Indigenous studies

Build understanding, recognition and validity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' histories and ways of being.

Professional writing

Develop skills in professional, organisational and online writing, as well as the rapidly changing industry of publishing.


Learn the fundamentals of scriptwriting, experiment with styles and focus on the collaborative nature of scriptwriting.


Find your creative voice for theatre and explore acting, improvisation, theory and practice.

Theatre production

Develop live production skills, including technical lighting, sound and multimedia production, while exploring stage and production management.

Build a sustained arts career

Collaborate with a community of creatives, connect with industry professionals and gain the real-world skills to build a sustained arts career doing what you love.

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