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It’s natural to have questions as you prepare for uni. Browse our frequently asked questions to learn everything you need to know about the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR, including eligibility and how to apply.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a course with a Deakin Guaranteed ATAR?

The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR is open to students who are completing Year 12 in 2024, who meet course entry requirements and are from an under-represented cohort. We clearly articulate the eligibility conditions, so you know what you're working towards from the outset. Find out if you’re eligible for the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR.

Is the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR available to international students?
The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR is only available for domestic students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens, or people that hold Australian permanent residency or an eligible temporary protection, safe haven, or humanitarian visa holder, or bridging visa holder applying for humanitarian visa.

How does the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR help me get into a Deakin course?
The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR offers a tangible reduction in ATAR for a course, meaning it's more achievable for eligible students to get in with a lower ATAR. Knowing a guaranteed ATAR upfront can also help reduce your exam stress and provide more certainty on your next step.

Did you know...

The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR is available across most of our undergraduate courses. Make a confident choice about your future – browse available courses and ensure you meet any course prerequisites.

What's the difference between the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR and SEAS?
The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR offers eligible students guaranteed admission to a Deakin course at a lower ATAR that's published upfront. For example, if the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR for your ideal course is 65 and you receive an ATAR of at least 65 (without adjustments) and meet the eligibility requirements, you're guaranteed to receive an offer.

Whereas SEAS compensates for educational disadvantage by increasing your selection rank for the courses you’re applying for. For example, if you receive an ATAR of 63 and you need an ATAR of 67 for your ideal course, then your ATAR boost through SEAS could be enough to secure you an offer.

Do I need to submit a SEAS application to VTAC to be eligible?
Yes, you will need to submit a SEAS Category 1 application in VTAC to be eligible for the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR.

How do I know if I meet course eligibility requirements?
To ensure you meet the course eligibility requirements, check the entrance requirements on the relevant Deakin course page.

Does Deakin offer both the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR and SEAS?
Depending on your circumstances, and if you meet course requirements, you might be eligible for one or both schemes. You have nothing to lose by applying for both. Simply submit a VTAC application for your preferred Deakin course and a SEAS application, and we'll do the rest.

Is the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR based on my raw ATAR, or does it apply to my adjusted ATAR after SEAS has been applied?
The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR considers your original, unadjusted ATAR before any SEAS adjustment is made. You’ll get this ATAR when your results are first released.

Do I have to preference Deakin first?

Do I have to preference Deakin first?

You only receive one offer per round for the highest preference you're eligible for, so you should list courses in the order you want to study them. Learn more about change of preference.

Did you know...

If you're not eligible for the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR but faced challenges during your studies, you might be eligible to apply for SEAS in another category. We encourage you to apply, as your potential ranking adjustment could be the difference between receiving an offer or missing out.


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Is the guaranteed ATAR for each course the same at every Deakin campus?
No, you need to check the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR on the course page for each campus.

How do I know if I'm from a Deakin under-represented school?
If you have completed Year 12 at one of the schools identified as under-represented in higher education then you're eligible. Check the under-represented school list here.

How do I know if I live or study in a regional or remote area?
If you're a regional or remote applicant, all you need to do is apply for your chosen Deakin course through VTAC and complete a SEAS Category 1 – Personal Information and Location application. Then we'll do the rest. You can determine your regional or remote area eligibility by entering your postcode in the SEAS calculator.

What if I don't meet the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR?
If you don’t meet the Deakin Guaranteed ATAR, you still might be eligible for a SEAS adjustment. We encourage you to apply, as your potential ranking adjustment could be the difference between receiving an offer or missing out.

I'm not eligible, does Deakin have any other entry schemes?
Deakin has many access and equity schemes and pathways you might be eligible for, including the Indigenous Access Scheme, SEAS, Deakin Regional Access Scheme and the Regional and Remote Entry Scheme.

When do I find out if I have been accepted?
The Deakin Guaranteed ATAR applies to Round 1 offers in December and January. It might also apply to subsequent offer rounds if there are still places available in your preferred Deakin course. Check our key dates page for more information.

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