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Deakin's Warrnambool Campus offers a friendly, close-knit community, with a personal and informal relationship between students and staff.

Our new residential scholarships offer a 50% reduction of your accommodation costs for the duration of your degree.

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By studying a course at Deakin Warrnambool, you'll be joining a forward-looking institution packed with global thinking and practical opportunity.

With smaller average class sizes than most universities and a wide selection of courses to choose from, acquire the skills to meet the local demand of the region and join our network of global thinkers.

Studying at Deakin's Warrnambool campus will open up your future, providing clear pathways to employment and empowering you to make real change.

Courses available at Deakin Warrnambool

I wanted to stay in the region, so Deakin Warrnambool was perfect for the transition from secondary school to university.

nikita wheaton

bachelor of health science

Campus accommodation

Campus accommodation has never been more affordable, with a number of government and scholarship education subsidies available to full-time students. With accommodation costs up to 40% than metro accommodation, you can live on campus for as little as $201 a week.

Our Warrnambool Campus has 4-star on-site accommodation for 240 students. It's close to campus facilities, including tennis courts, basketball/netball courts, a football oval and a gymnasium.

Choosing to live in one of our residential colleges not only saves you money, it also puts you in an ideal position to enjoy the living and learning experience to the fullest. With private apartments, stunning river views and a whole host of utilities on offer, Deakin Warrnambool is the university you can call home.

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If you are a Warrnambool scholarship recipient please contact our Warrnambool student residences to find out if you are eligible for a further discount.


From a wide range of dining options to our campus library, Deakin Warrnambool has all the facilities you need to make the most of your university experience.

All the resources you need to complete your course – and a great space to study.

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Medical centre
We have doctors and nurses on campus. You can either make an appointment or just drop into the clinic. It’s confidential and free.

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Spiritual centre
The peaceful multifaith room provides a place of worship on campus for all staff and students.

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Child care
Staff and students of Warrnambool Campus are welcome to visit and use the on-site childcare centre.

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Safety and security
All our campuses have 24/7 security officers and also respond to the downloadable SafeZone app for your phone.

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Finding your way around
We’ve created an app to help you navigate around Deakin Warrnambool Campus. Just in case you run out of battery, there’s a map you can print out too.

Download our on-campus wayfinding app
Download campus map (PDF, 408.6KB)

Disability accessibility
Most of our buildings are wheelchair-accessible and have lifts, accessible bathrooms and automatic doors.

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DeakinACTIVE features a fully equipped gym and various sporting facilities.

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Deakin's Warrnambool Campus is set on the banks of the picturesque Hopkins River, close to local surf beaches and popular tourist attractions, and has a vibrant on-campus student population.


For students at Deakin Warrnambool, we have a number of scholarships for you to take advantage of. In 2019, 1 in 3 commencing students at the Warrnambool Campus received a scholarship.

Our exclusive scholarships support you and take the pressure off, so you can focus entirely on building your future.

Trimester 1 2020 applications are open for selected Warrnambool scholarships. Applications close 22 January 2020 5pm.

If you are a Warrnambool scholarship recipient please contact our Warrnambool student residences to find out if you are eligible for a further discount.

Interested in applying for a scholarship? Have questions or queries? We can offer support and assistance to help you find the right scholarship.

Email Deakin Scholarships
Telephone: +61 3 9244 6333

The Australian Government has introduced a Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program (RRESP) to improve access to and completion of tertiary education courses for students from regional and remote areas. Learn more about the RRESP

New food and agribusiness major

With a strong demand for tertiary-qualified graduates in the agribusiness sector, the Deakin Warrnambool Campus now offers a food and agribusiness major sequence within the Bachelor of Commerce.

Deloitte identified agribusiness as one of the ‘fantastic five’ sectors, tipped to take over from mining as the key drivers of growth within the Australian economy.

Open the door to a world of opportunities with our wide range of industry developed units, and gain the technical skills and professional capabilities to be a business leader of the future.

Find out more about the food and agribusiness major

Units within the food and agribusiness major sequence

The Global Economy 
This unit provides students with an understanding of the Australian economic system within the world economy, and an ability to identify and assess current macroeconomic problems and policies. The unit is concerned with the way in which the whole economy, or large sectors of the economy work. The major sectors analysed are the household sector, the business sector, the government sector and the international sector. The unit provides insights for evaluating the working and the impacts of monetary and fiscal policy, and how central banks and treasuries conduct such policies.  Issues such as economic growth, unemployment, inflation, balance of payments and, exchange rates are also examined..

Agribusiness Resource Management
This Unit provides necessary conceptual frameworks and analytical tools for students to assess the structure of the food and agricultural markets, identify market opportunities as well as challenges and risks; and, therefore, make an informed business management decision. An overview of relevant and basic management, financial, and marketing concepts as well as the economic principles underlying behind the functioning of the food and agricultural systems and market structure will be covered. Students will also be provided with a solid understanding of the interlinkages between food and agricultural market structure, international and domestic policies and sustainability issues. Central to the unit is developing students’ ability to identify and present potential improvements in food and agribusinesses to enhance profitability taking into consideration global and local market dynamics as well the aspects of sustainability and resource availability.

Agribusiness Technology 
This Unit is designed to introduce students to some of the most influential and latest agribusiness technologies and innovations available in the region. Students will be provided with a solid understanding on how the innovation system works, and ability to identify opportunities and evaluate the potential impacts of technological and innovation adoption at an entity (e.g. farm or agribusiness company) or by the industry. To achieve this, the Unit focuses on providing a series of practical experience as well as opportunity to interact with leading experts in this field.

Strategic Supply Chain Management
The growing global economy has redefined the dynamics of competition for modern organisations, with product life-cycles shortening and worldwide commercial competition increasing.  Successful Competition today depends on organisations adopting effective supply chain management (SCM) strategies such as global supply networks. This unit provides students with an understanding of how to develop world class supply chains and operations through effective logistics management and collaborative initiatives. It also covers future challenges and opportunities such as environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the supply chain.

Agribusiness Governance
This unit introduces students to analytical foundations to study various issues related to the governance of food and agribusiness industries. Issues such as the function of coordination and contracting from the value chain perspective will be covered. Students will also be provided with a solid understanding of the rationale for public policies and necessary analytical skills to evaluate their socio-economic and environmental impacts, as well as understanding of the dynamics in agricultural and food international trade. Discussions in this Unit will also cover current topics such as global food security, food safety and traceability with a focus on how improved governance in the industry can help tackle those issues

Global Challenges: Food, Water & Climate
This Unit will revisit the 21st century key issues facing the food and agricultural sector, namely food and water security and climate change, as well as other issues such as the food-energy nexus, food loss and waste management, among others. It will frame the discussions through the use of relevant conceptual frameworks and analytical tools related to sustainable development and natural resource management, and making reference to case studies from Australia as well as other parts of the world. Students will also be provided opportunity to critically evaluate the ongoing global and Australian efforts to address these challenges covering topics such as the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals, foreign aid, and free trade agreements.

Applied Agribusiness Project
This unit provides opportunities for students to apply key conceptual frameworks, analytical tools and knowledge of food and agribusiness into a realistic project. Unique to this Unit is the flexibility for students to either undertake an internship, with an approved organisation such as an agribusiness company, farm, and government agency (subject to place availability) to work on a specific and defined task or project; or conduct an independent study to investigate a current issue or explore business opportunities in a select industry. Topics such as effective literature review, proposal writing, analytical methods, presenting professionally, and networks in agribusiness will be covered. At the end of this Unit, students will present results from their individual project in various flexible formats, including a business analysis, research report, and a policy review. This flexibility will enable students to gain experience that is aligned with their individual professional goals.

Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance
This unit introduces students to advanced statistical techniques in finance, economics and business. At the completion of the unit, students will have an appreciation of the role of these advanced quantitative techniques in finance and economics, in business decision making, as well as in research.

I'm here in Warrnambool to achieve my dreams, make my family proud, and I want to make my benefactors proud too.

Bridget elliot

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology)

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