Defence and security research

Deakin University has supported defence research and innovation for more than 30 years, drawing on a broad range of multidisciplinary capabilities to deliver future-focused defence solutions.

Our research

Four faculties with 14 schools, six research institutes and more than a dozen strategic research centres at Deakin provide world-class expertise and facilities relevant to the support of people and development of technologies within the defence sector.

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Autonomous systems

We’ve designed and built world-class autonomous systems for our partners, including fully autonomous ground vehicles and UAVs.

Robotics and haptics

Our haptically-enabled robots allow law enforcement agencies, militaries and mining companies to explore places otherwise unreachable.


We have expertise in protective security and information warfare, cyber analytics, AI and forensics and incident management.

Battery storage and management

Advanced electrolytes research program for defence battery technology development, supported by machine learning expertise to profile battery usage and estimate state of charge.

Artificial intelligence

Our capabilities extend to deep learning, machine learning, deep uncertainty quantification, computer vision, data analytics and applied robotics.

Defence education

We currently partner with the Australian War College to provide education and professional development of senior Australian military officers, public servants and regional partners.

Advanced materials

We’ve developed ground-breaking materials that protect our defence forces in the harshest of environments.

Health, wellbeing, and performance

Our capabilities and expertise include both in-field and laboratory measures for physiological and psychological responses in different defence and security scenarios.

Why partner with us?

Proven track record in delivering outstanding defence projects

World-class facilities including a new security cleared building in Waurn Ponds

Expertise in transforming research into defence and security products

Engineering innovation and advanced manufacturing skill development

We have developed bespoke training for the Australian Army, Royal Airforce, and Royal Navy, supporting ADF's vision of fostering a culture of innovation through formal training centred on creativity, problem-solving, design thinking and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Recent project

Exoskeleton technologies

Launched to the defence sector in 2014, FORTIS is now being refined by Deakin human performance and computational intelligence experts and is entering a new phase of non-military applications.

Our facilities

3D printers, haptics labs, virtual reality equipment and a high-G centrifuge are just some of the incredible facilities powering our innovations. With a new security cleared building, we are well positioned to help with your project.

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Defence and Security Symposium 2022

‘Defence and Industry Sovereign Capabilities for the Defence and Security of Australia’

Date: 1 December 2022

The Defence and Security Symposium (DSS) is an annual event which brings together participants from Defence, industry and academia to exchange ideas and information and to connect with decision-makers from Defence, academic researchers and industry capability developers.

This symposium aims to bring together subject matter experts from government, industry, and academia to discuss the development of Defence and Industry Sovereign Capability for the Defence and Security of Australia. Some of the key capabilities identified include:

  1. Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Power and Energy/Green Hydrogen
  3. Information Warfare and Cyber Capabilities
  4. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  5. Advanced and Networked Sensing
  6. Health, Nutrition and Technology Driven Training
  7. Quantum Technology for Sensing and Imaging, Communication and Cryptography and Computing and Simulation
  8. Space Technologies

This is an invitation to academics, defence research institutions, commercial organisations, and the military to attend and/or offer papers in the field of developing Australia’s Defence and Industry Sovereign capability and associated disciplines.

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