Deakin is rated 5 stars for our world-class facilities*, and our cutting-edge equipment and technology is central to the research we deliver. Explore some of our key facilities to learn more about the tools powering our innovation.

Haptics lab

By harnessing the resources and facilities of Deakin’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation, we can develop and test haptic interfaces for medical, military and commercial applications. The institute features a library of all commercially available devices and also custom-designed haptic interfaces.

Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (CNU)

The CNU houses state-of-the-art technologies to explore the relationship between the brain, behaviour and cognition. A range of brain stimulation, neurophysiological and neuroimaging techniques are available to provide the latest understandings in social, cognitive and affective human neuroscience.

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Within the Institute for Frontier Materials is Deakin’s Additive Manufacturing Lab. The lab has a range of 3D printers, including commercial grade 3D printers with different printing technologies, to expand the scope and printing capabilities of the institute.

Motion Simulation Lab

The Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation’s Motion Simulation Lab is home to a range of mobile and industrial robots. The lab features a haptically enabled Universal Motion Simulator (UMS), which represents the next generation of vehicle simulation. Motion simulation is a vast arena of innovation that can be used to make life-altering changes across the world.

Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI)

CSRI is a multidisciplinary institute that leads research in protective security and information warfare, cyber analytics and AI, cyber-physical systems and IoT, organisational security, privacy, forensics and incident management.

BatTRI-Hub and energy storage

The BatTRI-Hub is a unique, world-class research and innovation centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and the commercialisation of energy storage technologies. At the core of BatTRI-Hub is the Pouch Cell Facility featuring cutting-edge equipment used for the production of advanced demonstration batteries.

High-G centrifuge

High-G centrifuge, nicknamed CYCLONE, is a human-capable, low-cost, high-G centrifuge system activated by a rotating electric motor which acts as a counterweight. The key design consideration was to maintain a self-balanced structure. The system aims to increase Australia’s defence capability in the area of air combat training by addressing the requirements for simulation and training in next generation aircrafts. CYCLONE is the only high-G centrifuge in Australia.

Virtual Reality Lab

Our Virtual Reality Lab allows you to view virtual representations of products before they’re manufactured. The lab features 3D projections on the walls and floor, as well as sensory feedback. You can manipulate objects and feel their weight and resistance, creating a new level of realism in a virtual environment.

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*QS Stars University Ratings 2016–2017