Research strengths

Deakin delivers world-class research that enhances Australia’s defence capabilities in four key areas: robotics and autonomous systems, materials and energy management, future logistics and emerging technologies.

Our key areas of innovation

An increasingly complex global security landscape demands new innovations that ensure the safety of on-ground personnel and broaden the capabilities of defence forces. Our research teams are leading the pursuit, with future-focused solutions born out of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to research.

Robotics and autonomous systems

Research areas:

  • intelligent automation via fusion of sensors, machine learning and robotics that enable research for land and aerial vehicles
  • diverse robotics solutions including the OzBot platform, Universal Motion Simulator (UMS), HeroSurg, Haptiscan and associated haptic patented technologies
  • autonomous navigation
  • obstacle avoidance technologies
  • high energy density, lightweight batteries for autonomous systems

Materials and energy management

Research areas:

  • applying and deploying Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT) smart manufacturing environment methodologies to enhance manufacturing and global supply chain processes
  • industrial engineering, operations research, logistics, data science, decision science, and fuzzy systems to complement custom optimised solutions to logistics problems and complex systems
  • machine learning algorithms to profile battery usage and estimate state of charge

Future logistics

Research areas:

  • scenario planning underpinned the first Australian Supply Chain and Freight Logistics Strategy
  • defence battery technology electrolyte research program
  • defence force supply chain reengineering, origin-destination studies for each Australian container port, national and international multimodal logistics and end-to-end supply chain traceability
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for predictions of land, sea and air vehicle maintenance
  • situation awareness technology such as people re-identification and tracking across multiple CCTV views, biometrics, device fingerprinting, abnormal activity detection and recognition, fake news detection and scene analysis

Emerging technologies

Research areas:

  • embedded systems engineering for unmanned aerial vehicles, electric vehicles, health, electrochemistry and more
  • enhanced ability to detect and protect against malicious cyber-attacks that rely on the co-optation of legitimate mobile device recovery software that is often used to protect assets should they be lost or stolen
  • enhanced battlespace awareness and active real-time monitoring, coupled with real-time analysis, modelling and decision support to reduce potential harm while improving outcomes
  • AI and RAS combined technologies that enable uniquely versatile and precise platforms that lead to better decision-making systems

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