Occupational Therapy Inherent Requirements

Occupational therapy students must demonstrate a range of inherent skills and behaviours as part of their course requirements.

To participate in the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (H355), students must meet the inherent requirements outlined below.

Reasonable adjustments

If you have a health condition or impairment that might impact your participation in this course, please get in touch with the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) for advice and support. With advice from the DRC, reasonable adjustments can be made to teaching, learning, assessment, practice education and other activities that address the impact of students’ health conditions and impairments on their study.

Inherent requirements of occupational therapy


Occupational therapy students will have advanced interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.

Thinking and learning skills

Occupational therapy students will have highly developed cognitive skills to solve complex problems and for reflection.

Professional behaviours

Behavioural stability

Occupational therapy students will practice behavioural stability and sensitivity in diverse situations and circumstances.

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