Theatre-based education programs

Featuring a one-actor performance and a panel discussion by local support services, these theatre-based education programs have been highly praised around Victoria. The programs aim to educate and promote supportive action around two significant public health issues: violence against women and trans and gender diversity.

How the programs work

You the Man and Being Frank have been written to suit a diverse audience: secondary schools, universities, workplaces, sports clubs and community groups. Both programs follow the same two-part structure:

  • 30-35-minute performance
    One actor plays a number of roles, giving the audience different perspectives on the same issue. The set requirements are simple: one or two tables and some chairs.
  • Moderated post-performance panel discussion
    The panel members for this discussion are drawn from local support agencies. The discussion serves to introduce people to local resources that are available.

You the Man

You the Man highlights how bystanders can interrupt cycles of relationship violence and abuse. A single actor plays six contrasting male characters, none of whom is the perpetrator or victim. The play shows the impact of violence on these characters and different forms of supportive bystander response.

Reviews for You the Man

“[The play] is a great engagement tool: powerful and hard-hitting. It creates an immediate impact and gets people asking questions.”

“A great way to start conversations and get people thinking about what they can do as bystanders.”

“[Highlights the] tell-tale signs that a relationship is not healthy, points to control, physical and emotional violence and safety.”

“Raised appreciation of the criticality of consent.”

To book You The Man, email the team.

Being Frank

Being Frank follows the journey of a school student coming out as a transgender young person. We also meet Frank's best mate, his mother, father and some of the people encountered during Frank's journey, exploring some of the joys, dilemmas and challenges that can be experienced by trans people, their friends and family members. The post show panel will include a person with trans lived experience.

The program is presented in partnership with Transgender Victoria.

Feedback on Being Frank

”I have been to a number of training sessions on sexuality and gender diversity, but seeing this performance I experienced something far more emotional and impacting. I found that, even though you included a few glossary items, the ‘play’ tended to steer clear of jargon and instead focused on the emotional impact of discovery (for Frank) but also some of the experiences of those people around him, which I feel is really important. I feel like this is such an innovative and provocative way to provide education to kids and adults, that isn’t ‘dumbed’ down.”  
-Health professional

“It made me think about toilets, uniforms, relationships with others, their name, providing support and how I would support transgender students in my classroom.” 
- Student teacher

“I learnt that transgender people may label themselves as female or male or they may feel neither label fits them and it is important to respect their change and transitioning stage. In order for them to express themselves, no matter what, everyone should respect on another and not be treated any different” -
School student

“The play did give me some what of an insight into issues about the trans experience. The play reminded me of some of the hate crimes that were inflicted on transgender individuals and made me really question humanity as a whole.” -
School student

“I also would like to send a thanks for the guest that came in and shared his trans-journey with us. He was very patient, open minded and honest with us and we really appreciated that.”

To enquire about booking Being Frank, email the team.

Pricing and booking

You the Man costs $1030 (excluding GST) and is available to any organisation located in Victoria.

The cost includes:

  • a professional actor trained and regularly rehearsed by our professional director (Suzanne Chaundy)
  • a comprehensive resource pack to help you choose a venue and assemble your panel of experts
  • phone and email support by the production team at Deakin University.

In 2020, the program is available from March to December. To book You the Man, email the team.

To enquire about booking Being Frank, email the team.

Our third theatre-based education program on eating disorders, The Thin Line, is not being offered in 2020.