Child play therapy workshops

The annual two-day Foundational Concepts of Child Play Therapy workshop will provide you with practical skills to apply in your current education, counselling, and clinical or allied health practice. The workshop is also a great introduction to this innovative approach to mental health in children and adolescents.

Upcoming masterclasses and workshops

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About our workshops and tools

Group Play Therapy

Group Play Therapy is a masterclass developed for registered play therapists (Deakin Alumni) who would like to specialise further in more systemic group based approaches to play therapy. 

This experiential professional development masterclass is offered over two consecutive days, on a face-to-face basis with integration of practical skills development, case scenarios and role plays; and one day non-contact.  

Practical skills focus on group therapy skills where participants learn, for example, to assess the suitability of referrals for group play therapy, plan and implement a group play therapy intervention, and evaluate practice. 

A day of no-contact will be comprised of:

  • designated pre-readings
  • post-readings
  • post reflection.

For more information about upcoming Child Play Therapy workshops, please email

Foundational Concepts and Skills for Child Play Therapy

This 2-day workshop is ideal for both existing practitioners, therapists and teachers and for other professionals looking to progress toward a career in child play therapy, or those wishing to pursue professional development opportunities in the basic concepts of this exciting field of mental health.

Each day will be led by Deakin University’s internationally-trained play therapists Dr Judi Parson and Ms Kate Renshaw. Dr Parson and Ms Renshaw have over 40 years combined experience in the application of therapeutic play and play therapy in integrating practical skills development using play therapy toys, case scenarios and role plays.

This workshop will help you apply the basic concepts of child play therapy to scenarios relevant to your interest or current practice. Practical skills focus on non-directive play techniques, such as observation and following the child’s lead, using child friendly language and limit-setting.

Engaging Children using Therapeutic Sensory Play

Engaging children using therapeutic sensory play is a short course developed for mental health care, social care, allied health and education professionals who would like to extend their knowledge in using sensory play with children and young people.

This experiential professional development masterclass will introduce participants to the sensory system, how it works and the different sensory preferences we have, as well as what sensory play is and its critical role in physical and emotional development, and how sensory experiences can be used to enrich interactions and relationships with children and young people in different environments.

The day will comprise of a mixture of theoretical components and the integration of practical ideas, so be prepared for a fun and hands-on day of sensory play!

For more information about any of our workshops, please contact the School of Health and Social Development.