Carbon Nexus

Access the world’s largest carbon fibre research and manufacturing centre

Located in Waurn Ponds, Geelong, the suite of equipment available to researchers and industry through Carbon Nexus is unparalleled. It is truly the nexus of industry, research and teaching for the global fibre community.

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We understand undertaking research and development (R&D) at an industrial scale is important for manufacturing organisations. As a Carbon Nexus partner, you can be confident you’re working with world-class pilot scale facilities and a globally leading team of researchers.

A key reason why leading manufacturers confidently choose to partner with Carbon Nexus is our industrial scale research that supports the growth of new carbon fibre products and technologies.

When you work with Carbon Nexus, you will have access to:

  • The world’s largest open access carbon fibre pilot production line suitable for prototype development
  • An industry-standard continuous carbonisation line for fundamental and proof-of-concept research
  • A precursor fibre spinning line that integrates with the research carbonisation line
  • Advanced material and fibre characterisation facilities
  • Leading researchers with expert knowledge in the organic chemistry, and materials science and engineering required to produce the next breakthroughs in carbon fibre composite materials
Our carbon fibre facility

Our carbon fibre facility

Get an inside look at our research facility, Carbon Nexus. Hosting an unparalleled suite of equipment and science expertise to undertake pilot scale industry research in carbon fibre and composite materials, our team work with partners to solve challenges and develop new materials for a sustainable future.

Professor Russell Varley

Professor Russell Varley has been using his materials science and engineering experience to develop next generation composite materials through control of the structure and microstructure of polymer networks for more than 30 years. Since joining Carbon Nexus his research now focusses upon the synthesis and translation of next generation carbon fibre using novel rapid oxidation methods, bio-based precursors and novel architectures for enhanced sustainability and tomorrows emerging applications.  As Carbon Nexus group leader he leads a portfolio of research projects focused on industrially relevant outcomes within the aerospace, automotive, construction, renewable energy and oil and gas sectors.

Our mission is to work at the intersection of academic and industry to better understand the science and engineering of carbon fibre production and to work closely with industry partners to transition research into reality.

Professor Russell Varley

Research Group Leader, Carbon Nexus

Conduct research and development across the entire carbon fibre value chain

At Carbon Nexus, we offer research and development, training and consulting across the carbon fibre supply chain to precursor polymer and composite materials. Work with us to collaborate with experts across research areas matched to your industry needs:

Precursor fibre

  • Optimising structure-property-processing relationships of the polyacrylonitrile (PAN precursor)
  • Enabling low-cost carbon fibre; bio-derived and textile grade PAN precursor fibres
  • Alternative precursors and microstructures

Carbon fibre

  • Low-cost carbon fibre; rapid oxidation mechanisms
  • Improved compression
  • High strength and high modulus
  • Surface modification, chemical grafting and novel sizing agents


  • Synthesis of novel epoxy monomers
  • Tailored resins for specific applications and fabrication technologies
  • Self-healing resins and vitrimers
  • Bio-based and high temperature resins

Composite materials

  • Lifetime production of polymers and composites
  • Light weighting structures
  • Prototype development
  • Improved compression and damping

We’re strongly committed to creating a sustainable future

Delivering a lasting impact that benefits our planet is a strong focus of our world-leading research at Carbon Nexus. We’re a trusted partner of industry-leading companies and manufacturers. Our recent industry partnerships include:

Your partnership with Carbon Nexus will not only ensure you get a tangible outcome specific to your organisational challenges but will also support you to reach your sustainability targets.

High-impact commercialisation projects

  • Creating a new “Windgrade” carbon fibre specifically designed for wind turbines to reduce the cost of zero-emission renewable energy.
  • High quality carbon fibre derived entirely from sustainably sourced agricultural waste Building new approaches to carbon fibre and composite recycling
  • Understanding the whole life environmental impact of carbon fibre
  • Rapid oxidation approaches for low energy carbon fibre
  • Extending service life of offshore oil rigs to inland gas pipelines via self-healing composite structures
  • Creating novel multifunctional carbon fibre for “mass-less” structural composite batteries

Partner with us

Join many leading manufacturing organisations who’ve boosted their commercialisation activities with Carbon Nexus.