The Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC)

Formed in 2013, AFFRIC is a collaboration between Deakin University and CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering. 

The $103 million initiative is supported by the Australian and Victorian governments. It increases the research capacity of CSIRO and Deakin to service the fibre, textile, composite, automotive and aerospace industries. AFFRIC also assists in the translation of research into end-user applications.

AFFRIC research programs 

Located within the technology precinct at Deakin’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, AFFRIC oversees five major research programs:

Carbon fibres and composites

AFFRIC houses Carbon Nexus, the world's first dedicated pilot-scale research plant capable of producing aerospace-grade carbon fibre. There's also a comprehensive fibre and composite characterisation facility on site. It offers a significant university-based, industrial-scale carbon fibre research capability, which is globally unique.

Functional fibrous materials

New functional fibrous materials are being developed with enhanced applications. Our work in this area includes medical textiles, super hydrophobic textiles, protective garments and gloves. We also research directional moisture management in fabrics and fibre-reinforced materials.

Green natural fibres

This program focuses on environmentally friendly ways of processing natural fibres, such as cotton, silk, bamboo and hemp. We research fibre and textile processing, properties and applications.


Nanofibres have a wide range of applications. These include filtration, tissue engineering, energy generation and storage, reinforcement and sensors. 

Our nanofibre research started in 2004. We have developed a series of novel techniques and machines for making nanofibre nonwovens, fibre yarns, and short nanofibres, and also explored their novel properties and unique applications.


This research program aims to develop new polymer materials that will meet a diverse range of applications. 

Projects include the synthesis and characterization of new polymeric materials; advanced thermosets for high performance coatings, adhesives and composites; biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications; and green processing of natural polymers.

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