TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Providing global solutions for a sustainable future

The TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre (TDNBC) is a joint centre of excellence fostering cutting-edge research in nanobiotechnology.

How our research delivers solutions for agriculture and environment

Established in 2010, the TDNBC combines Deakin’s expertise in nanomaterials with the experience of India’s Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in biotech applications in food, agriculture, environment and bioenergy.

Our research addresses issues of food security in increasingly changing climates, remediation of polluted environments through natural products, improving health through novel molecules and improving the quality of life for poor communities.

Our research areas

The TDNBC team of 34 PhD scholars and over 70 staff is contributing to innovations in soil health, food security and bio-refinery platforms. We work with industry and government to identify challenges that can be solved by innovation in nanobiotechnology. We aim to increase water quality, encourage efficient farming practices, improve waste management and design innovative, agriculture-dependent, cost-effective ways to treat human disease.

Agriculture nanotechnology

Future biopharmaceutical formulations, pathogen and plant disease diagnostics, biological seed coating, biotic stress and post-harvest management.


Waste recycling, metal pollutant management and organic pollutant management.


Bioactives, biorefinery and biofuels.

Help us achieve sustainability in agriculture

Join us and work on innovative projects to produce safe nanodelivery systems and affordable diagnostics for agriculture and human health.

Our research is resulting in technology that includes future water purification devices for rural communities without access to electricity and conversion of waste into useful biologically synthesised agrochemicals.

Dr Alok Adholeya

Former Director TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre

Featured projects

We collaborate with industry and government to develop products, processes and technologies that provide solutions for a sustainable future. We focus on clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly nanoparticle synthesis.

Scientists sow sustainable agriculture solutions

Scientists sow sustainable agriculture solutions

Our has discovered how to unlock the powerful potential of microbes in agriculture and bioremediation. We've launched a ground-breaking process that uses micro-organisms to both extract contaminants from polluted soil and transform these contaminants into organic 'super' seeds for farming.

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