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Deakin leads one of the world’s most prestigious environmental and marine science research programs.

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Research snapshot

Our ecologists are helping to protect Australia’s vulnerable flora and fauna from disease, rapid development and climate change.

Our marine researchers have developed the purpose-built research vessel “Yolla” which houses the most advanced sonar system in the world. The data it collects plays a key role in supporting fishery and conservation management of marine environments.

The global aquaculture industry is also being supported by our nutritionists. The team is investigating the effect of farmed fish diets on human nutrition. A crucial significance given the global shortage of appropriate fish food.

In the agricultural sphere, a team of experts is focusing on solving productivity problems. In consultation with farmers, scientists are developing sophisticated lab-on-a-chip technology to optimise livestock health. 

Water management advice is also being provided to farmers and rural planners both here in Australia and overseas.

Through every project and program, our research is driving outcomes that provide solutions to global environmental and sustainability issues.

Institutes and strategic research centres

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM)

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading materials research organisations, IFM fosters innovation in materials design and performance.

Executing materials science and engineering, our research tackles challenges in areas such as medical diagnostics, biomaterials, and nanotechnology.

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Meet IFM Director, Professor Matthew Barnett

Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE)

CIE addresses the fundamental question: how does life react to change on both short and long term scales?

Through ecology, evolution and ecological physiology, we investigate the mechanisms of immediate and evolutionary response to environmental change.

We aim to provide innovative contributions to applied conservation and natural resource management.

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Meet CIE Director, Professor Don Driscoll

Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF)

CeRRF provides innovative agricultural and industrial solutions to address regional, rural and global productivity challenges. 

We focus on bridging the gap between regional enterprises, governments and academia.

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Meet CeRRF Director, Dr David Halliwell

Featured facilities

Advanced characterisation facility

One of Australia’s premier collections of advanced characterisation instruments for materials science and engineering. 

Its capabilities include atomic force microscopy and nano-indentation, thermal analysis, x-ray diffraction and atom probe tomography.

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Electromaterials facility

Located at Deakin’s Melbourne Burwood Campus, the electromaterials facility boasts a range of research and testing capabilities. 

Surface characterisation equipment, battery and coin cell fabrication, a synthetic laboratory and analytical instruments for chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation.

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Our partnerships

We work collaboratively with a number of academic institutes, government organisations, not-for-profit services and industry bodies. 

It’s these partnerships that form the foundation of our broad network and research capabilities throughout Australia and overseas.

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