Reimagining a sustainable and healthy tomorrow

Investment in agriculture and technical innovations has tripled productivity in the last 50 years, yet further growth is hampered by accelerated degradation of our natural resources and the environment as well as the spread of pests and plant diseases. Inequitable supply, excessive dietary behaviours and demands, and global food waste are also major concerns.

Deakin University has a reputation for leading and developing smart and practical solutions for real world challenges. It has the capabilities, capacity and focus required to drive innovation and change; not only in the way we produce and supply food to the world  but also in the way we behave as consumers.

An integrated and comprehensive approach is required to build the creative solutions we need. Through Future Food Deakin, the University has brought its brightest scientists and practitioners together across a wide range of fields to generate a smart new approach.

Our primary objectives

  • support environmentally and economically sustainable production
  • build efficient, equitable and safe supply
  • promote healthy and sustainable consumption
  • minimise waste and assist in building a circular food economy

Our process

From smart production and delivery to healthy retail, consumer behaviour and
waste solutions, Deakin is working to affect real change.

By placing consumers and a circular economy at the heart of solutions, our diverse and innovative projects, research and partnerships will help to build a sustainable food system.


Smart agriculture, digitisation, irrigation, water/soil management, climate modelling, aquaculture, seaweed, disease detection, genetics and biotechnology, adaptive and sustainable nutrition and farmer health.


Biorefining, materials extraction, membrane separation, nanocomposite coatings, degradable packaging, polymer films, plasma technology, processing optimisation and engineering solutions.


Data analysis, cyber security, end-to-end visibility and traceability, authenticity and counterfeiting, cold chain management, logistics, nutrition supply impacts, robotics and haptics, freight systems, sustainable food systems and system optimisation.

Retail and market

Healthy supermarkets and retail environments, policy and regulatory guidance, market and economic analysis, marketing, sensory and flavour research, consumer product insight and food safety.


Consumer behaviour change, healthy food choices, sugar and salt reduction, food security, obesity and chronic disease prevention, dietary guidelines, digital health, nutritional psychiatry and mental health, health economics and health policy.

Waste management

Food and waste processing, bioactive molecule extraction, waste management systems, post harvest waste, circular economy and waste-to-energy.

Regional development to international engagement

Deakin is a globally connected university with five main campuses, including our online cloud campus. Our research is supported by four world-leading research institutes and thirteen strategic research centres. Deakin’s reputation for developing strong partnerships and real world solutions continues to grow at an exponential rate.

In food, our research is integrated across all campuses, however we are developing a number of regional growth centres which capitalise on local resources and strengths to further assist in driving practical change. Deakin is also building its collaborations internationally in India, China, Indonesia, Latin America and beyond.

Future Food Focus Programs

Deakin will continue to build support  and engagement across the supply chain.  In 2019 Future Food Deakin is focusing on five important areas to build the partnerships and momentum to accelerate growth.

Bio-Resources Innovation Centre

  • Biorefining, Bioprocessing, Applied Analytics
  • Aquaculture & Animal Feed
  • Nutraceuticals & Food Ingredients
  • Waste Biomaterials
  • Marine biomasses
  • Agricultural By-products

Water Management Hub

  • Recycling and high value horticulture
  • Desalination Water grids
  • Water rights policy
  • Water management course
  • Irrigation

Food Traceability Lab

  • End to end visibility
  • Authenticity and counterfeiting
  • Data standards and interoperability
  • IOT and block chain technology
  • Industry development programs
  • Analytical verification

Consumer, Nutrition and Retail Science Hub

  • Induced Context Sensory Lab
  • Food and Mood Centre
  • Nourish Network Retail  Advisory Centre
  • Sustainable, healthy  and personalised nutrition

Working with Deakin

Deakin University has a proud history of successful partnerships with industry, community and governments through research and development as well as building the workforce of the future through tailored education, PhD programs, internships and work placements.

Future Food Deakin will continue to expand its collaborations with Australian  and international organisations to assist in driving new world solutions  for food and agribusiness.

Join with us to build a sustainable and healthy future.

This project includes co-contributions from the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund.

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Director, Research Sectorial Partnerships, Government and Industry
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