Deakin Western Chances Scholarships

Deakin, in collaboration with Western Chances, is connecting talented students in Melbourne’s west directly to our scholarships program to support them to complete their tertiary education.

Important dates

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 will open on 15 February 2024.

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 will close 14 March 2024 5pm.


Cash payments up to $4000 over one year.

Eligibility criteria

Prospective candidates should ensure they meet all criteria before submitting their application.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a domestic student commencing an undergraduate degree at Deakin in Trimester/Semester 1 2024
  • be enrolled full time in a Commonwealth supported place
  • not already hold a bachelor degree
  • hold a Western Chances Scholarship having recently completed VCE (may have completed a gap year up to two years)
  • be able to demonstrate one of the following:
  • not have another current Deakin scholarship equal to or greater than $2000 per Trimester/Semester in 2024.

*For the purpose of HEPPP funded scholarships, low SES is defined as either:

  • having a home address in the lowest quartile of the SEIFA Education and Occupation Index
  • in receipt of Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY (Living Allowance), Austudy, Pensioner Education Supplement, ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement or ABSTUDY Away from base assistance.

Your application

Application tips

Applying for a scholarship isn't just about meeting the eligibility criteria.

It's a good idea to think about why you want a scholarship, it’s your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be recognised for where you’ve come from and where you need to go.

Read more about our top tips for applying for a scholarship

How to apply

Apply directly to Deakin

You can apply for this scholarship directly to Deakin through our Scholarship Application Portal.

When applying direct to Deakin for this scholarship, select the 'HEPPP Retention and Support Scholarship' option and, if eligible, your application will automatically be considered for this scholarship.

Apply for this scholarship

The scholarship application process is highly competitive with a limited number of scholarships available. Unfortunately, not all eligible applicants will receive one.

More about this program

Deakin University is pleased to collaborate with Western Chances to offer this exciting new scholarship program to help talented and motivated young people from Melbourne’s west to have access to tertiary education.

Western Chances

Western Chances is an organisation which believes in the power of education to transform lives and aims to see young people from Melbourne's western suburbs achieve their full potential. For more information about its valuable work please visit Western Chances.

What happens next?

Your application will be assessed and ranked based on the details you provide and your supporting documentation.

If you are successful, you will be contacted by the email address you nominated within your application portal account, unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

You'll find out if you were successful usually within four weeks of the application closing date. If you have not received an offer by this time, you have been unsuccessful. You can view the status of your application via your scholarship application portal account.