School programs

The Deakin University Art Gallery offers a range of vibrant and diverse education programs based on current exhibitions and the art collection. All programs are free of charge and can be tailored to suit your schools' needs and/or interests.

Vibrant and diverse education programs

All school programs offered are designed by VIT registered art educators and are mapped to the Victorian and Australian curriculums. Our education programs are tailored for foundation through to VCE students.

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Submit the Art Gallery school group booking request form to book one or more of our education programs.

Programs for VCE students

Creative Practice

Join us for a guided tour of the gallery and explore how artworks can be examined through structural, personal and cultural lenses. Discuss how these concepts apply to the work of contemporary artists. What do they tell us about the artist, the time and environment they are working in?

Unit 1: Interpreting Artworks and Exploring Creative Practice
Unit 2: Interpreting Artworks and Developing the Creative Practice
Unit 4: Interpreting, Resolving and Presenting Artworks and the Creative Practice

Making and Exhibiting

Join us for a guided tour of the gallery to explore how exhibitions are created from proposed themes to presentation and response. Why have the artworks on display been chosen? What are the connections between artworks? How have the curator and artist/s worked together to reflect their own ideas? How has the exhibition been crafted to convey meaning to an audience?

Unit 2: Understand, Develop and Resolve
Unit 3: Resolve – ideas, subject matter and style

Sculpture Walk

Join one of our art educators for a guided tour of the Deakin Burwood Campus Sculpture Walk – Collect, Extend and Connect. Explore artworks in the environment and discuss their inspiration and influences. This is an opportunity to experience outdoor public art and develop art folios.

Unit 3: Resolve – ideas, subject matter and style

Exhibition Practice

Join us for a guided tour of our current exhibition and learn about how the works have been collected, presented, conserved and cared for. Discuss curatorial themes, exhibition design, label writing, plus catalogue and promotional flyer marketing material. Explore how the artwork is collected and stored, and what career opportunities exist in the arts industry.

Unit 4: Consolidate, Present and Conserve

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Foundation to Year 10 programs

Exhibition Tours and Workshops

Join us for an exhibition talk and workshop focused around our current exhibition. Groups can choose from a range of practical photography, drawing or iPad activities, or visual and creative thinking exercises. Session run times are 60 or 90 minutes.

Art Expedition! Guided Sculpture Walk

Join us for a guided sculpture walk and workshop focused around the sculptures featured on campus. Groups can choose to include practical drawing activities and/or visual and creative thinking exercises. Session run times are 60 or 90 minutes.

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Foundation program

Art Safari!

Did you know we have a chimpanzee, a cat and a kangaroo on campus? Join one of our art educators as we go on safari to see what animals might be hiding on campus!

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Contact us

For general enquiries, contact our Education and Public Programs Officer, Tabitha Davies. Tabitha can help tailor a program to meet your needs or to suit your schools' curriculum.

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