Diversity and inclusion

Deakin provides programs to nurture the development of a university culture that values diversity. We seek to enable access and promote inclusion, from disability support through to student access programs.

A fair Deakin community

Deakin aims to ensure a fair, inclusive and diverse work and study environment. We achieve this in a number of ways, such as diversity and inclusion, accessibility and anti-discrimination.

Some of the things that have defined Deakin’s character throughout its history include:

  • a focus on regional Victoria and creating a university for the Geelong region
  • a commitment to research that makes a difference to the communities Deakin serves
  • a deep commitment to equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students from diverse backgrounds and mature-age students
  • a long-standing commitment to being flexible, accessible and friendly.

Deakin’s commitment to inclusion

Throughout its history, Deakin has been shaped by a deep commitment to equity and to widening participation for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander students, students from diverse backgrounds and mature-age students.

Deakin’s student-centred and partnership-driven approach to selection is based on the principle of entry pathways for all. This approach aims to break down the barriers of disadvantage, with admission criteria aligned to pathway alternatives that recognise each student’s likelihood of achieving success.

In 2015, Deakin undertook a major review of its domestic scholarship and bursary scheme to recognise, foster and reward excellence and to optimise access opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Campaigns and scholarships

Change 100 Lives

Change 100 Lives, Deakin’s student scholarship campaign, has raised over $889,600 and is well on the way to reaching its $1 million support target. 89 students have now been supported with a Change 100 Lives scholarship. The scholarships are making a real difference to the lives of talented people, including Indigenous students, those from rural and regional areas and others for whom the cost of education presents an impossible barrier.

Pay it Forward

Through the Pay it Forward initiative, Deakin commits $1 towards the Change 100 Lives campaign for every unit evaluation completed by students. This fosters a culture of philanthropy in students while encouraging them to evaluate unit offerings, enabling the university to generate valid response rates.

Sue Nattrass Scholarship

The establishment of the $1 million Sue Nattrass Scholarship Fund recognises the distinguished career of Sue Nattrass AO in arts management. The Sue Nattrass Scholarships support arts professionals in need of financial assistance, enabling them to follow in the footsteps of Sue Natrass AO in arts administration.


Philanthropy plays an important role in providing scholarships to female students in the STEM disciplines. Support from AusNet Services for women in engineering allows highly motivated students the opportunity to overcome obstacles and study to become the innovators of the future. 

With these scholarships, AusNet Services aims to build aspiration for careers in engineering, particularly among women, who are under-represented in the profession and industry. The Alcoa Foundation has also provided philanthropic support for women in the technical field, addressing the skill shortage and gender imbalance.

Workplace giving program

Through Deakin’s Workplace Giving Program, Deakin students and staff are also able to make a difference, with the benefit of pre-tax payroll benefits. In 2015, the university raised over $13.1 million in funds, against a $10 million target.

Disability support services

Deakin's Disability Resource Centre promotes inclusion and access, and provides information and services for students and staff with a disability, health or mental health condition that affects their study or participation in university life.

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