Make your creative dreams come true

Did you know Deakin University has an industry-standard black box theatre for its drama students? It also has a professional lighting and audio-visual set-up, photography kits and a TV studio.

These cutting-edge facilities help prepare Deakin graduates for a successful career.

Deakin University senior operations coordinator Brad Axiak says not many universities offer such a high-quality range of facilities and equipment.

‘It is one of the ‘wow’ factors for people coming to the University for the first time and into the School of Communication and Creative Arts,’ he says. ‘They walk into our specialist spaces and loan stores and are gobsmacked with how much professional equipment we have access to.’

Photography studios and equipment

Deakin’s photography facilities and equipment never fail to impress, Axiak says.

‘The equipment we have, the facilities and the teaching staff are really first class, so it’s a bit of a hidden gem.’

Some of the many highlights of photography at Deakin include:

  • two industry-standard lighting studios
  • access to Nikon full frame and Hasselblad medium format digital cameras
  • Profoto studio lighting equipment
  • portable kits that are a great off-site option.

Then there’s an analogue dark room where students can learn traditional and alternative photographic methods.

Modern facilities, including a professional digital print lab linked to the lighting studios, allow students to shoot one minute, and produce a professional quality photo moments later.

Visual arts

Deakin visual arts students have access to expansive open plan studios that can accommodate a range of practices and installations, from paintings to sculpture, projections and performance-based art.

Deakin provides students multiple avenues to showcase work in a professional context including professional printing presses to more intimate, short-term presentation spaces.

‘We’ve got professional hanging systems and access to range of technology like projection systems, audio equipment and professional lighting set-ups. We’ve also got movable walls in a couple of our galleries, so we can reconfigure them to our needs,’ Axiak says.

Technical support is also on hand if students require something a little left field.


From virtual reality hardware to extra-large flatbed scanning facilities, design students have a tonne of technology at their fingertips.

One of the highlights is a series of iMac computer labs with the full suite of Adobe software tools, along with industry-grade modelling, animation and video editing software.

Deakin students also have access to paint trimming and finishing facilities, large and flexible workspaces, display boards and cabinets, and the Media Resource Centre.

Film and TV

Deakin’s film and TV facilities offer many exciting options.

‘One of the drawcards to film and TV is the equipment,’ Axiak says. ‘We have a number of high-quality cameras, like a fleet of Blackmagic URSA Minis, RED Epic-W Heliums and Arri Alexas, all of which are industry-standard.’

There’s also a professional HD TV studio, which has hosted a number of external professional productions. The school will soon launch an outside broadcast van that can travel with a team of Deakin student interns, to livestream sports matches and other exciting events.

Editing and grading suites offer technology including iMac Pro and dual-monitor iMac workstations with a full complement of media creation and post-production software.

Students interested in animation can access everything from stop motion workstations, to light boxes for hand-drawn animation and a motion control rig.

Drama and dance facilities

Deakin’s dance and drama facilities are another highlight for students who may want to translate their creative vision for the stage.

‘The dance studios are amazing – we’ve got two large open space dance studios that have sprung floors, full-length mirrors,’ Axiak says. ‘They’re quite flexible too. With one of our larger spaces, we can either divide the space or leave it in the open configuration, allowing us to install seating blocks and facilitate live productions.’

While the natural light is something to behold, there’s also remote-controlled blackout blinds, and an array of production lighting and sound equipment.

The Burwood campus’ black box theatre, which includes seating for up to 100 and hosts the course’s major shows, is one of the drawcards for drama students.

It features a state-of-the-art lighting rig, full production sound capabilities and a green room and box office attached.


Deakin journalism students have no excuse not to be up with the latest news, with seven large screens streaming broadcasts from around the world.

Students can also learn their trade with the use of three individual editing/VOX recording suites, onsite production equipment, and global videoconference facilities.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running as a student journalist, Deakin offers an editorial hub for developing and publishing stories and 24 workstations to create individual publications, and technology to create your own online publications.

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