Beyond compliance: Governance, risk and performance | MBA masterclass

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Better understand all aspects of governance in your organisation

This masterclass seeks to deliver a clearer understanding of crowd wisdom or collective intelligence and how this impacts our view of an organisation and hence its governance.

We'll aim to sharpen your focus on core governance aspects involving systems thinking and value creation, leadership, innovation, corporate compliance, strategy and organisational skills.

By the end of this masterclass, you will:

  • better understand the emergent whole of organisation governance expectations and its broader application beyond a legal and compliance force for good within an organisation
  • understand the increasing ethical considerations placed on businesses and the governance role in meeting community expectations and generating consistent high levels of trust
  • know what is required to shape and influence better outcomes for the operations while continuing to operate within an environment that experiences volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity
  • have an enhanced focus on a more active and holistic understanding of governance practices and how to better ensure organisation-wide feedback to deliver consistent year-on-year high performances.

Organisations also have the option to undertake a Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audit, with the normal fee of $957 waived for designated organisations.

Presenter: Damien Smith

Damien Smith (LLB, B. Com, FAICD, FIML, FGIA, FCIS, CAHRI) is the Founder and Managing Director of Enterprise Care – a business focused on driving sound governance practices in organisations. He is also the Principal of Damien J Smith Lawyers and an acknowledged whole-of-organisation governance expert.

He created and introduced systems thinking and an innovative approach to governance with Governance Intelligence® framework – a whole-of-organisation governance perspective.


Session 1

  • Contemporary issues and thinking about governance.
  • Exploration of why present governance practices fail?
  • What is governance and how does it differ from whole of organisation governance?
  • Explore collective wisdom, systems thinking and eco-systems.
  • Rethinking the purpose of the corporation: shareholder primacy and stakeholder value.
  • The value of audits – information and context.

Session 2

  • Contemporary issues highlighting governance failures and what went wrong.
  • What is the purpose of the organisation?
  • What role does purpose play in an organisation’s governance?
  • Becoming a high-performance organisation.
  • Setting the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Adopting an inward or outward/inclusion or exclusion focus.
  • The role of culture and values in whole of organisation governance.

Session 3

  • Contemporary issues highlighting governance failures and what went wrong.
  • Independence and integration of governance practices.
  • The role of principles in governance practices.
  • The approach to risk and compliance management: compliance versus performance.
  • Leadership including role of values and behaviours.

Session 4

  • Contemporary issues highlighting governance failures and what went wrong.
  • Embedding transparency, openness and accountability.
  • Organisational capabilities and whole of organisation governance.
  • What happens next and where is the best place to start?

You must attend all four masterclass sessions to record a pass mark.

For more information on this and other masterclasses, please check our frequently asked questions (PDF, 132KB).


Prepare and deliver an oral three to five-minute class report. You'll provide a written analysis of how a 'whole-of-organisation governance' perspective impacts all staff, together with the anticipation of what it means for their roles and responsibilities.

Identify one critical element and address this by offering insights into a range of aspects that will be discussed throughout the masterclass.

Fees and recognition

This masterclass is open to all, not just Deakin MBA students, and costs $1800 (inc. GST, no FEE-HELP). Two masterclasses can be stacked together to earn one credit point (as an elective unit) towards your Deakin MBA.

*ARWU Rankings 2020