MBA masterclasses

Invest in your skills now by studying one of our industry-led intensive masterclasses.

MBA masterclasses are short courses taught by big names in business. Learn specialised business skills from true subject experts, with each masterclass counting as credit towards your MBA. Choose from CX, Agile, design thinking and other emerging areas of business.

Professional development

The MBA masterclass series brings a range of current and emerging business-focused topics to you more quickly than a traditional trimester unit, with the intensive study format providing an additional way of fitting your studies around your work and lifestyle commitments. You’ll also benefit from the diverse experience and unique perspective each student brings to the classroom.

The masterclasses are designed for MBA students, counting as credit points towards the course, but the masterclass content is highly valuable to all interested in furthering their career in the business world. Whether it's communication skills, project management or managing change in a workplace, there's a masterclass available that will help you develop your career and stand out on your CV.

Getting started

The masterclass format is succinct and informative. Each masterclass runs between 12 and 20 hours of facilitated delivery. Two masterclasses can be stacked together, which is equivalent to one elective unit. You can find information on each masterclass topic, agenda and assessment criteria on the masterclass registration page, with additional details provided following registration.

Note that FEE-HELP is not available for masterclasses and full payment is required upfront. For further information, please read our frequently asked questions (PDF, 132KB).

You must attend all sessions listed for any masterclass you are attending.

Upcoming masterclasses

Explore our range of upcoming masterclasses and find the one that will help you build the in-demand industry skills you need to succeed.

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