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Project management is a growing, dynamic profession that involves planning, coordinating, costing and evaluating projects of all sizes, as well as managing the people and risks involved. In a globalised economy project management is central to develop and deliver new products, services and infrastructure as well as implement new techniques and processes to facilitate change. Project management studies at Deakin are based on key project management methodologies to provide a holistic viewpoint with the aim to deliver generic project management skills that can be applied across most sectors and industries.

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Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)*, Online

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Professional recognition

AIPM is the professional accreditation in Australia – which can be explored as a student, affiliate membership – with the onus on the student to continue to gain experience to move to a full membership. It does take certain level of experience and continuous learning/certifications/professional development, post the degree and five years’ work experience to be able to attain an associate or full membership. Our understanding currently is that many organisations/work places are willing to support continuous learning today – for graduates to attain full memberships, while gaining work experience. Another option is the PMI (global- also has a Melbourne Chapter) offers student memberships – which is also recognised globally. The student membership can be offered, however, again the onus to continue gaining experience to next level and further certifications are left to students after graduation.   The School may offer further training and units for accreditation in a Masters level degree, following the review of our Masters programs.

Career outcomes

The purpose of the Project Management major is to improve business and project management competencies, to provide students with professional development opportunities as project management practitioners, and to enhance the prospect for continued advancement in the chosen industry or sector.

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  • Business Analytics MIS171
  • Digital Business Analysis MIS201
  • Design Thinking MMM276 ^
  • Project Management MIS398
  • MIT399/MIS399Applied Business Project
  • Change Management MMH356
  • plus

  • Business Management Capstone MMM315
  • and

    WIL units - 1 credit point unit, chosen from:

  • Business for Social Impact MWL305
  • Consultancy Experience MWL316
  • Entrepreneurship Experience MWL317
  • Internship MWL318
  • International Consultancy Experience MWL319
  • or an approved one credit point international learning experience (i.e. Study program, Student exchange, Overseas short course)

    ~ Waterfront (Geelong) students will be required to undertake some units of study in the Online mode.