Visual effects and virtual production



Visual effects and virtual production involve the creation of animated effects and environments for use in live action and wholly animated productions. This minor will introduce you to the history, theory and practice of visual effects. You will learn to create a wide range of animated and digital content, effects and visual phenomena. These creative digital assets will be seamlessly integrated into diverse contexts to enhance believability, atmosphere, and positively impact story, content and meaning.

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MN-A351008 (minor)

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    To complete a Minor sequence in Visual Effects and Virtual Production complete the four (4) units as specified below

Complete the following unit from level 1:

  • Designing 3D Animated Environments ADA102
  • Complete the following 2 units from level 2:

  • Character Animation ADA202
  • Visual Effects and Effects Animation ADA206
  • Complete the following unit from level 3:

  • Interactive Animation Design Studio ADA301
  • Note: Incompatible with the Animation major sequence