FEE-HELP repayment calculator

If you’re considering a postgraduate course at Deakin, our FEE-HELP repayment calculator gives you the confidence to make university study a reality.

What is FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP loans cover up to 100% of tuition fees for eligible students. By taking out a FEE-HELP loan, the government pays your tuition fees directly to Deakin, and the balance is repaid from your employment income – but only once you're earning over $45,881.

Please note: fees shown by the calculator are indicative only and based on 2020 rates. Actual fees may vary. We advise confirming fees with Prospective Student Enquiries prior to enrolment.

Estimate your FEE-HELP repayments


FEE-HELP payments

per pay-cycle

Take-home pay after
FEE-HELP and tax

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Your estimated FEE-HELP repayments

  • is the total 2020 estimated tuition fee for a ( credit points) at Deakin
  • is the annual FEE-HELP payment, based on your current salary
  • of your current salary will be spent on FEE-HELP
  • is how long it will take to pay off your FEE-HELP loan on your current salary

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Are you eligible?

To be eligible for a FEE-HELP loan, you must be:

  • a domestic student
  • a fee paying student
  • studying an eligible course.

Find out more about eligibility

How to apply

Applying for a FEE-HELP loan is simple. When you enrol, you'll need to complete an online Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). If completely correctly, it will be automatically approved when you submit.

Further information

To find out more about FEE-HELP loans, eligibility and repayments, explore our guidance or visit the government’s Study Assist website.