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Courses at Deakin are flexible and culturally inclusive. Explore the various ways you can apply to study at Deakin – with the NIKERI Institute, entry schemes, via our Indigenous Access Scheme or any of our practical, industry-designed courses.

NIKERI Institute courses

Get a fully accredited degree that encompasses Indigenous knowledges and experiences. Choose from qualifications across the arts, education, social work, law, environment, Indigenous research, health and nursing.

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Indigenous Access Scheme courses

By looking beyond your ATAR and academic results to consider all the skills, experience and community work that make you unique and prepare you for study, we can reward your hard work with a place at university. Find a course you love and take the next step towards your dream career by applying through the Indigenous Access Scheme.

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Indigenous Entry Scheme courses

We provide specialised pathways for Indigenous students to become healthcare practitioners, improving cultural safety and health equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities they serve.

Our Indigenous Entry Stream courses are exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who want to study an optometry, medical imaging, medicine or psychological science degree.

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Regional and Remote Entry Scheme courses

To help address workforce shortages in regional and remote areas, Deakin offers alternative entry pathways into relevant exercise and sport science, nutrition science, medical imaging, social work and vision science/optometry courses.

Learn how to apply to the Regional and Remote Entry Scheme

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Haven't found what you're looking for? If you're interested in applying for one of our practical, industry-designed courses – learn all the steps on how to apply for an undergraduate, postgraduate or research degree in our application hub, and get useful tips on how to prepare and upload your documents.


We deliberately use the terms Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, First Nations, First Peoples interchangeably and in doing so acknowledge that while people have personal preferences, none of these terms are perfect and with that imperfection each carry nuanced residual forms of colonial power. This content is developed with the core value of respect.

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