Indigenous studies elective units

Indigenous studies elective units promote diversity and cultural understanding through the exploration of history, culture and identity of First Nation's People. These elective units are available to all Deakin students where available.

Why study an Indigenous studies elective unit?

Our Indigenous studies elective units aim to build understanding, recognition and validity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Ways of valuing, being, knowing and doing. Our units will help you to co-contribute ethically to positive reconciliation aligned to self-determination processes with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

NIKERI is committed to fostering productive and meaningful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and all other Australians to shape and co-construct a shared contemporary Australian narrative.

Our cultural responsibility

The National Indigenous Knowledges Education Research and Innovation (NIKERI) Institute has a cultural responsibility to record, share, teach and research Indigenous Knowledges and encourage respect for self, others and Country. We deliver outstanding education that is culturally responsive, relevant and accessible by creating immersive, transformative learning experiences which change perceptions through new stories.

Choose your Indigenous studies elective unit

We have a number of units available for you to study – each unit will give you the opportunity to reflect and come to a deeper understanding about self, others and Country. Choose from the following units:

Introduction to Aboriginal Studies

A comprehensive and engaging exploration of both traditional and contemporary experience and expression of Australian Aboriginal culture, knowledges, histories and identities from an Indigenous standpoint.

Aboriginal Australian Stories and Songlines 

Examines Aboriginal Australian storytelling methods across a variety of historical and contemporary mediums: oral storytelling, paintings and artwork, film, television music, dance, literature and online spaces.

Caring for Country

Compares Western, Eastern and Indigenous practices and philosophies in relation to Country. Looks at how Australian Indigenous knowledge systems have shaped practices applicable for current environmental management strategies.

Australian Aboriginal Holistic Health and Healing 

Examines Australian Aboriginal holistic approaches to social and emotional health, healing and wellbeing. Explores the ongoing impact of colonisation on Aboriginal peoples' social and emotional health.

Politics of Resistance in Indigenous Australia 

Discusses the resistance of Indigenous peoples to European occupation and the ensuing colonial systems that sought to control their lives. Explores why Indigenous peoples continue to resist in the face of persistent social, economic and political discrimination.

Working Alongside Aboriginal Communities

Understand ways to work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, including families, organisations and communities. A holistic approach identifies respectful and responsive methods of engaging on-Country.

Australian Indigenous Education: Recognition, Relationships and Reconciliation

This unit provides pre-service teachers an opportunity to encounter and reflect on key concepts that focus on identities, knowledges and histories from the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences and wisdoms.

Please note: you must be enrolled in course E200, E377, E359, E330, E333 or E334 to take this unit.

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