International student re-admission

Interested in returning to study at Deakin? All applicants for re-admission will be considered on the basis of their academic performance, English language proficiency and the availability of the course.

The re-admission process

The re-admission process is different depending on your personal situation. Please see below for the relevant re-admission application information for you.

Re-admission after academic exclusion period

If you have been excluded for academic reasons, you have two options:

  • Apply for a different course at Deakin
  • If you wish to continue in the same course then you will only be entitled to readmission after your exclusion period. You must apply for readmission to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee (FAPC) to lift the exclusion from your previous enrolment. Please refer to our re-admission after academic exclusion article for further information.

Re-admission (non-academic exclusion)

Students whose enrolment has been discontinued (e.g. termination for non-payment of fees and re-application for the following trimester, withdrawal from studies or allowing enrolment to lapse) may apply for re-admission.

Before submitting your re-admission application, please contact Student Central to clear your administrative encumbrance (e.g. payment of outstanding fees). Please note that your application cannot be processed if you have any outstanding administrative encumbrance.

How to apply for re-admission

Apply through StudyLink Connect and provide the following documentation:

1. A personal statement outlining:

  • your motivation for returning to study,
  • how your circumstances have changed since you discontinued,
  • what efforts you will make to support your success if you return to study.

2. Original certified copies of all academic transcripts/certificates for all programs completed/enrolled at other institutions after you have discontinued from Deakin University, including all CoEs obtained for your student visa, if any.

3. Proof of English language proficiency (if required).

4. Documents/evidence of your activities and relevant departure and arrival dates in Australia since your discontinuation, such as air tickets and passport, current visa status in Australia (if applicable).

5. Documents/evidence of other relevant factors that caused your decision to discontinue your studies at Deakin.

Please indicate in the application form that you are a previous Deakin student and include your Deakin student ID if known.

Deakin does not return original hard copy documents. Where possible, you should submit original certified copies. Where Deakin has requested original documents to be mailed, Deakin is unable to return these documents.

For any enquiries, please email our admissions team.

Application deadlines for re-admission (academic exclusion)

Students who have been excluded for academic progress may be eligible to apply for readmission to their course.

All relevant application deadlines can be found here

Application deadlines for re-admission (non-academic exclusion)

Students who are currently outside Australia

For Trimester 1 start, the deadline is 15 January.

For Trimester 2 start, the deadline is 15 May.

For Trimester 3 start, the deadline is 15 September.

Students who are currently in Australia

For Trimester 1 start, the deadline is 31 January.

For Trimester 2 start, the deadline is 31 May.

For Trimester 3 start, the deadline is 30 September.

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