How it works

Studying online at Deakin’s Cloud Campus puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. When and where you study is up to you, so you can develop a study routine that works with you, not against you.

Whether you’re a busy professional or want more time to spend with your family, our intuitive online learning portal will help you make the very most of your study time.

What can I do at Cloud Campus?

We bring the classroom to you using innovative technology. That includes access to the same course content, world-class academic staff and support services as on-campus students. The only difference is you’ll be able to access these resources when it suits you.

Visit your online classroom

Watch live classes, submit assessments and take part in discussions as they happen. You can do all this on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Study around your schedule

Download recorded classes and presentations to stream at home, on your lunch break or whenever’s convenient. Stay organised by using digital bookmarks to keep track of learning material.

Seamlessly connect

Collaborate, share videos and deliver presentations in real time. Join online discussion boards to debate class topics, ask and answer questions or contact your teachers directly.

Sit exams at a venue that suits you

We try to hold as many online exams as possible. When online exams aren’t available, you can save on travel time by nominating your preferred exam venue from a list of locations.

Access library resources

Go online for e-readings and digital books, or have library books posted to you free of charge (we even include a reply-paid envelope so you can send them back). Library staff are available online via chat, skype and email to help you find references and resources, or support you with all other matters related to your study.

Get support in just a few clicks

Access a huge range of support services online, from legal advice and mental health services, to online chat and extended hours of IT support.

Deakin has a fine reputation in the preparation of teachers to work in the areas of disability. I obtained the first job I applied for. My employer was most impressed with my studies at Deakin.



Your online learning portal

DeakinSync is your personalised online learning portal. Use it to manage all your course materials and stay up to date with important information. You can also access other online learning tools and resources, as well as connect with your peers and academic staff.

It's not only Cloud Campus students who use DeakinSync. All Deakin students and staff connect and collaborate through this platform. So you’ll always have access to the Deakin community, no matter where you are in the world.

When you're on DeakinSync you can:

  • participate in classes, tutorials, seminars and live chats
  • use the synced calendar to see when you have seminars, meetings and assessments due, all at a glance
  • manage your enrolment and fees
  • access your student email, current units, reading lists and study guides
  • get IT support and exam tips
  • access all sorts of study and support resources.

Find out more about DeakinSync

The staff are dedicated and responsive to individual needs. Many students in my course are from afar, so being 'local' is not really necessary.




What's it like to study online at Deakin?

Discover how Deakin's premium online systems allow you to have a world-class education and achieve your career goals on your terms.

How will I access course content?

Find out how you’ll access your high quality course content when you study online with Deakin. Deakinsync, your personal online learning portal, and your unit sites contain audio-visual class materials, lectures, discussion boards and more.

How will I access support services?

Discover just how easy it is to access student support when you study online with Deakin. Even when you’re studying at night and on weekends, you can connect to IT, library, academic and health and wellbeing support.

How will I interact with my lecturers?

You'll have direct access to world-class teaching staff when you study online with Deakin. Through a range of methods, you’ll connect with experts dedicated to supporting your learning.

Practical support

There's an abundance of support services and resources available to all Deakin students and the Cloud Campus is no different. When you study online, you are fully supported – however, whenever and wherever you need it.


Your tailored orientation program will run for five weeks. It includes a series of online events, web chats, workshops and competitions, including a Faculty Welcome web chat with Jane den Hollander, Deakin's Vice-Chancellor.

The program is designed to give you the opportunity to explore your online learning environment and find out what's available to you as a Cloud Campus student. If you live near a physical campus, we also encourage you to visit and get involved in the broad range of events and activities happening on campus during OWeek.

Student success coaches

Our experienced student success coaches are available to commencing undergraduate Cloud Campus students. A great source of ongoing support, they connect with you regularly via email and Skype to ensure your personal and professional development. All Cloud Campus students are also able to access the support of a peer mentor.

Get a head start with UniStart

A self-serve resource hub, UniStart provides a comprehensive introduction to all of Deakin's online tools and connects you with other students and support services. A number of free workshops are available, suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework. All Deakin students are automatically enrolled in UniStart for the duration of their study.

Postgraduate students can prepare for study at Deakin by taking an introduction to postgraduate study online course. This short course, delivered on the online learning platform FutureLearn, allows you to hit the ground running by setting you up with the knowledge, skills and resources you’ll need to confidently begin your postgraduate studies.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS provides additional support via a series of group study sessions led by students who have successfully completed the unit. Available across many units throughout trimesters 1 and 2, PASS enables you to collaborate online with other students studying common units.

Study mentors

Our maths, writing and faculty mentors are all available during teaching periods via numerous channels, including Skype, Facebook, phone and email.

Personal support

Personal support and guidance is readily available for Cloud Campus students. This includes legal advice, financial support, disability support, mental and physical health services, online chat, email and extended hours of IT support.

Find out more about our support services