Deakin Residential Scholarships

Deakin Residential Services is an inclusive, supportive and friendly place to live during your studies. Students can enjoy the vibrancy and diversity of our residential community while taking advantage of our fantastic facilities. These scholarships are offered to ensure that our on-campus accommodation is accessible to a wide range of people, and we encourage you to apply if you meet the criteria below.

These scholarships are offered for shared accommodation in Burwood, Waterfront and Waurn Ponds Campuses only. Students interested in scholarships for Warrnambool should refer to the Deakin Warrnambool Residential Scholarships.

Important dates

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 open 15 September 2023.

Applications for Trimester/Semester 1 2024 close 9 January 2024 at 5pm.


This scholarship offers payments up to $14,000 towards accommodation costs with Deakin Residences over one year.

The scholarship funds will only be available for Deakin Residential accommodation costs incurred in 2024.

Please note that this scholarship is provided by Federal Government funding that will be confirmed in early 2024, scholarship offers will be provided only if this funding is approved.

Eligibility criteria

Prospective candidates should ensure they meet all criteria before submitting their application.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a domestic student enrolled full time in an undergraduate degree at Deakin in Trimester/Semester 1 2024
  • be enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place
  • not already hold a bachelor degree
  • have applied for a place in on-campus accommodation* at Burwood, Waterfront or Waurn Ponds
  • be able to demonstrate one of the following:
    • be from a low SES** background
    • be from a regional or remote area as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Area (ASGS-RA)
    • be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person.
  • *You will need to submit a specific residential application in addition to a scholarship application. It's free to apply or cancel your application at anytime until a deposit is made. To apply visit Deakin Residential Services.

    **Have a home addresses in the lowest quartile of the SEIFA Education and Occupation Index.

Preference will be given to students from a low SES background who would not be able to attend university unless they can access on-campus accommodation.


The following conditions apply:

  • this scholarship is not transferrable to other campuses
  • you must remain enrolled in on campus studies
  • this scholarship only applies to accommodation costs with Deakin Residences
  • scholarship recipients must agree to and abide by all rules set out in our Residential Handbook, and must maintain a full-time course load for the duration of the scholarship
  • these scholarships are offered for Burwood, Waterfront and Waurn Ponds Campus only. Students interested in scholarships for Warrnambool should refer to the Deakin Warrnambool Residential Scholarships
  • the scholarship cannot be intermitted and the funds will only be available for Deakin Residential accommodation costs incurred in 2024
  • depending on the time of your accommodation application, you may receive an accommodation offer before the scholarship offers have been made in mid-January 2024. If you receive an accommodation offer and wish to secure your accommodation regardless of the scholarship outcome, you will need to pay a deposit which will later be refunded if you receive a scholarship
  • if you do not wish to pay a deposit, you may cancel or decline your accommodation offer and re-apply if you are successful in securing a scholarship, however please note that this will be subject to availability and may mean that you do not receive your first preference of accommodation type
  • if you pay the deposit, are not successful in securing a scholarship and find you no longer want to live on Residences, cancellation and refund of this deposit will be considered at the discretion of Deakin Residential Services.

Your application

Application tips

Applying for a scholarship isn’t just about meeting the eligibility criteria.

It’s a good idea to think about why you want a scholarship, how it will help you and what you have to offer the Deakin community.

Read our 5 top tips on applying for a scholarship

How to apply

Apply directly to Deakin

You can apply for this scholarship directly to Deakin through our Scholarship Application Portal.

When applying direct to Deakin for this scholarship, select the 'Undergraduate Scholarship Application Tri/Sem 1 2024' option and, if eligible, your application will automatically be considered for this scholarship.

This reduces the number of scholarships you have to apply for and increases your chances of receiving a Deakin scholarship.

Apply for this scholarship

The scholarship application process is highly competitive with a limited number of scholarships available. Unfortunately, not all eligible applicants will receive one.

What happens next?

Your application will be assessed and ranked based on the details you provide and your supporting documentation.

If you are successful, you will be contacted by the email address you nominated within your application portal account, unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

You'll find out if you were successful usually within six weeks of the application closing date. If you have not received an offer by this time, you have been unsuccessful. You can view the status of your application via your scholarship application portal account

Next offering period

This scholarship is yet to be confirmed for any future offering periods. Please check back at this page at a later date for any updates.