Peddle Thorp Scholarship in Masters of Architecture

If you are a Master of Architecture or Master of Architecture (Design Management) (S700 or S701) student, please consider applying for the Peddle Thorp Scholarship.

Important dates

Applications for Trimester 1 2022 open 6 September 2021.

Applications for Trimester 1 2022 close 16 March 2022 at 5pm.


This scholarship offers cash payment of up to $3500 for one year.

Eligibility criteria

Prospective candidates should ensure they meet all criteria before submitting their application.

To be eligible you must:

  • be a domestic student
  • be commencing in the Master of Architecture or Master of Architecture (Design Management) (S700 or S701) in Trimester 1 2022
  • have a minimum Weighted Average mark (WAM) of 70 or equivalent GPA in your previous bachelor's degree.

Preference will be given to:

  • a student who has completed the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) or Bachelor of Design (Architecture) / Bachelor of Construction Management at Deakin University
  • a student who demonstrates involvement in extracurricular activities relating to development as a future professional architect.


As a scholarship recipient you must:

  • provide an introductory statement about what it means to receive the scholarship
  • complete an impact statement at the end of the scholarship year
  • be prepared to attend a meet and greet with the donor
  • not remain anonymous
  • maintain a WAM of 70 for the duration of the scholarship.

Your application

Supporting documents

As part of the application process, you will also be required to upload current supporting documentation.

When you apply for this scholarship, you'll need to supply:

  • a copy of your official academic transcript (not required for studies completed at Deakin University)
  • Evidence of your involvement in extracurricular activities relating to development as a future professional architect (if applicable).

Your application will not be considered complete until you upload your supporting documentations.

Make sure you choose the correct document type when you upload your documents as it will make a difference. If your documents are uploaded into the incorrect type they will not be considered when assessing your application. Remember it is quality, not quantity, which you need to provide. Aim to provide documents which are current, relevant and concise.

Read more about supporting documentation

Application tips

Applying for a scholarship isn’t just about meeting the eligibility criteria.

It’s a good idea to think about why you want a scholarship, how it will help you and what you have to offer the Deakin community.

Read our 5 top tips on applying for a scholarship

How to apply

Apply directly to Deakin

You can apply for this scholarship directly to Deakin through our Scholarship Application Portal.

Apply for this scholarship

The scholarship application process is highly competitive with a limited number of scholarships available. Unfortunately, not all eligible applicants will receive one.

What happens next?

Your application will be assessed and ranked based on the details you provide and your supporting documentation.

If you are successful, you will be contacted by the email address you nominated within your application portal account, unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.

You'll find out if you were successful usually within six weeks of the application closing date. If you have not received an offer by this time, you have been unsuccessful. You can view the status of your application via your scholarship application portal account.

Additional opportunities

There may be an opportunity for the scholarship holder to be invited to undertake work placement with Peddle Thorp.  The decision to accept any potential offer is the student’s and will not impact the student’s eligibility to receive the scholarship.

Next offering period

This scholarship is yet to be confirmed for any future offering periods. Please check back at this page at a later date for any updates.

More about the Donor

Peddle Thorp Group is an independent company practicing in Architecture, Planning and Interior Design, consisting of a number of business units relating to different markets or specialist areas, with offices in Melbourne, Asia, and the Middle East.

Peddle Thorp Architects is the commercial architectural arm and the core operation of their office and covers a number of industry sectors including sports architecture, commercial offices, residential, hotels, aquariums, industrial and retail.