Web-based Nutrition Competency Implementation Toolkit

Recent advances in health education have produced the Web-based Nutrition Competency Implementation Toolkit (WNCIT). Health educators worldwide now have all the teaching strategies and assessment resources they need to develop nutritional competencies in medical students and our future medical practitioners.

Lessening the health system's burden

Nutrition has a significant effect on both patient wellbeing and health system costs. Obesity and type II diabetes, for example, are an avoidable burden on the country's economy.

Prevention and treatment of these chronic diseases through lifestyle change can reduce costs and save lives.

Game-changing resources

WNCIT is a set of unique, innovative resources for health educators who wish to incorporate more nutrition into their medical courses.

WNCIT includes:

  • a set of widely accepted nutrition competencies for medical graduates
  • teaching strategies that can be adapted to suit medical schools in Australian universities
  • examples of assessments that have been rigorously evaluated
  • a curriculum mapping tool that can report on current nutrition content in a variety of medical school curricula
  • up-to-date and relevant nutrition resources for health educators.

Learn more about WNCIT's resources at Deakin's student website

A Deakin-led research project

A cross-institutional team including the University of Queensland, University of Tasmania, Monash University and the Dietitians Association of Australia developed the WNCIT resources. Heading up the project is Deakin Professor Caryl Nowson and Deakin Research Fellow Robyn Perlstein.

National and global partnerships

The WNCIT team has strong international links with key academics all around the world, including the highly regarded Cambridge (UK) University project - The Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro).

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For more information about the Web-based Nutrition Competency Implementation Toolkit, including assessment tools and teaching and learning activities, please visit Deakin's student site.

Learn more about WNCIT on Deakin's student site