Centre of Excellence in Cancer Carer Research

Deakin’s Centre of Excellence in Carer Research Translation and Impact was established in 2023 following the announcement of a contribution of $1,214,300 of state government funding over three years. With cancer care delivered in outpatient and home settings, carers are critical to improving health outcomes and reducing health care costs across the Victorian community.

Our initial three key programs of research are:

  • identify key pathways and strategies to improve health outcomes and experiences of carers from priority carer populations, including regional and rural communities, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD), and LGBTQIA+ groups
  • evaluate a self-guided online mindfulness program, to improve carers’ wellbeing across the cancer trajectory
  • design education programs for clinicians across health services to ensure we integrate carers and their roles into the care team, maximising person-centred care.

Our strategic themes

Our strategic themes reflect key areas of the Victorian Government’s Cancer Action Plan 2020–2024 and Health and Medical Strategy 2022–2032. Our research aims to:

  • identify and address unmet needs, including carer burden, particularly among priority populations
  • develop co-designed health platforms that overcome the digital divide for carers
  • address the economic, health and societal impact of caring across the cancer trajectory
  • inform the role of health services to support carers during diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliative care phases; and build workforce capacity to integrate carers into the care team
  • expand the optimal care pathway to support carers and their role in the delivery of consistent, safe, high-quality, and evidence-based support.

Improve health and social outcomes

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Featured projects

The work the Hub undertakes will recognise the important role of carers and deliver research that  makes a positive impact on people's lives.

A mindfulness program for caregivers of people living with cancer

A mindfulness program for caregivers of people living with cancer

The MindOnLine is a mindfulness program designed for caregivers of people living with cancer. Our researchers have been exploring whether an online mindfulness program like MindOnLine can help people caring for someone with cancer to reduce stress and manage their thoughts and feelings.

Our research team

The Cancer Carer Hub brings together expertise from researchers across disciplines to create evidence-based solutions that make a positive impact.

Professor Patricia Livingston, Co-Principal Investigator

Professor Victoria White, Co-Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Anna Ugalde, Associate Professor

Professor Liliana Orellana, Professor of Biostatistics

Professor Antonina Mikocka-Wallus, Associate Head of School, Research

Professor Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Associate Dean, Research

Dr Natalie Winter, Research Fellow

Dr Stephanie Cowdery, Cancer Carer Centre Research Fellow

Hannah Jongebloed, Associate Research Fellow

Dr Lahiru Russell, Faculty of Health Strategic Fellow, Evaluation

Associate Professor Nikki McCaffrey, Associate Professor

Professor Suzanne Robinson, Chair and Head, Deakin Health Economics

Professor Peter Martin, Professor of Communication and End of Life Care

Ms Meg Chiswell, Deputy Director, OCPH

Our partners

Our strong and active ties to external partners ensure our research makes a real-world impact. Our partners include:

  • Western Alliance
  • Western Health
  • Cancer Council
  • Carers Vic
  • Thorne Harbour
  • LOTE Agency
  • CCV
  • Grampians Health
  • FaCe.

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