Regional, remote and elite athlete and performer adjustment factors

Adjustment factors are available for students based in regional and remote areas, as well as elite athletes.

Pathways for athletes and regional students

We offer a range of adjustment factors which are available to regionally based students, as well as professional athletes who balance their study with sporting commitments.

Regional and Remote Entry Scheme

Boost your chances of getting into your dream degree in exercise and sport science or nutrition science. Deakin offers a Regional and Remote Entry Scheme, which is designed to address workforce shortages in regional areas. If you are based in an identified regional, remote and rural area, you may be eligible for adjustment points to go towards your entry score for admission.

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Elite athlete and performer adjustment factors

Deakin acknowledges the challenges that elite level athletes face when they undertake secondary studies whilst at the same time achieving and participating at an elite level within their sport.

An elite athlete and performer adjustment factor will be available to eligible elite Year 12 student athletes to receive 5 aggregate points. Adjustments change an applicant's selection rank for a course, not their ATAR.

In offering this scheme Deakin acknowledges that our courses attract interest from student-athletes who have committed substantial time to their sport throughout their secondary schooling and who have achieved participation at an elite level within their sport.

Therefore, offering this elite athlete scheme provides greater opportunity and acknowledgment for elite athletes to be able to study Victoria’s field leading courses in Exercise and Sport Science.

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Who is eligible?

To be considered for this bonus applicants must:

  1. be a current Year 12 student undertaking their final year of schooling, and
  2. participate in sports at an elite level; national or international level and provide evidence to support this claim.

How to apply

Applicants are required to register and apply for an Exercise and Sport Science undergraduate course at Deakin University via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) system, and to also submit the following extra documents within their application:

  1. a personal statement indicating how their studies have been impacted by participation in sport at an elite level
  2. evidence of their participation in sport at an elite level; national or international level; for example, a written endorsement by one of the following organisations:
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institute or Academy of Sport
  • AFL Players' Association
  • Australian Cricketers Association
  • Rugby Union Players Association
  • Rugby League Professional Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers Association
  • Senior/head coaches from: state and territory institutes or academies of sport
  • National athletes from Sport Australia (SportAUS) recognised sports.

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