Course dates and costs

We welcome new students to DUELI throughout the year. Find out when your course will start and end, how much it will cost, when orientation is, and what holidays occur during your course.

When can I start?

DUELI offers nine intakes throughout the year, giving you plenty of flexibility about when to start your course. If you are studying at DUELI as a pathway to Deakin University or Deakin College, you can choose an intake to complete your English language studies before your further studies begin.

2021 DUELI dates



Course dates



7 January

11 January – 12 February

26 January (Australia Day)


11 February

15 February – 19 March


18 March

22 March – 23 April

2, 5, 6 April


22 April

27 April – 28 May

26 April


27 May

31 May – 2 July

5–9 July


8 July

12 July – 13 August



12 August

16 August – 17 September

20–24 September


23 September

27 September – 29 October

1 October, 1–5 November


4 November

8 November – 10 December

Course fees

Deakin University English Language Institute fees in AU$:

  • Enrolment and orientation fee: $250
  • Tuition fee – DUELI Melbourne: $465 per week
  • Tuition fee – DUELI Geelong: $395 per week

You will need to pay your orientation and tuition fees when you enrol, and before you attend the course orientation session.

Find out how to pay your DUELI course fees
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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC is health insurance for international students who are studying in Australia. It can help you meet the costs of any medical or hospital care you might need while you are here.

OSHC is compulsory for students from most countries, and must be organised before your studies begin.

Note: Students from Belgium, Norway and Sweden are not required to purchase OSHC, as Australia maintains reciprocal healthcare agreements with these countries. 

Visit BUPA online to find out more about OSHC rates