Public transport system

The best way to see and do everything in Victoria is via the public transport system, Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

You can catch a train or bus across Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool and other regional areas, or hop on a tram to get to inner-city suburbs of Melbourne.


Melbourne has a large network of trains that are safe and run regularly. With over 200 train stations across Melbourne, it is easy to catch a train wherever you need to go. Train stations are often located near major attractions and close by other public transport as well.

For travel outside of Melbourne, the V/Line train network can get you to many destinations across regional Victoria. These trains run several times a day. Many V/Line services require you to reserve your seat in advance, so make sure you check the V/Line website for timetable and ticket information.


Trams are iconic in Melbourne, home to the world’s largest tram system. Trams are similar to trains, but they stop more frequently and operate along roads and streets in most of Melbourne’s inner suburbs. There is even a tram stop right outside the Deakin Burwood Campus! Trams can be a good alternative to the train if you aren’t travelling that far or your destination is not close to a train station.


You will find buses and bus stops everywhere in Melbourne, with different routes to take you wherever you need to go. Most bus stops will include timetable information, a list of services that use the stop and a map of the bus routes. If you want to explore, V/Line also offer bus journeys to a range of destinations in regional Victoria – but you will need to book your seat in advance.

Just like any new city, it is a great idea to get to know the system before you arrive – especially if this will be your first time on a tram.

Everything you will need to know about travelling on Victoria's public transport system is available on the PTV website.

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How to pay for public transport

When travelling in and around Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool you will need to buy a Myki – these are reusable, prepaid cards that can be used for train, tram and bus travel.

Myki cards can be purchased and loaded with credit at selected convenience stores or train stations located across Victoria. Android phone users can also download an app to get a mobile Myki.

It is a good idea to purchase a Myki soon after you arrive in Melbourne. You will be able to top up your Myki credit at convenience stores, train stations or online, but not all tram or bus stops have Myki machines – so make sure you have enough credit before you travel.

The only public transport network that doesn't need a Myki card is the Warrnambool local bus network. To travel on these buses, you will need to purchase a paper ticket on the bus or at the station.

Find out more about ticketing, fares and Myki cards

Find out where to buy or top up a Myki card

Make your journey easier with the PTV mobile app

To help you get around easily, PTV has created a mobile app. It has timetables, network updates and an easy-to-use journey planner. Just add your location and destination details, and the journey planner will give you the best transport options – it is like having your own travel buddy in your pocket. You can even link your Myki card to the app, making it easier to top up your credit.

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International transport discounts

If you are an international student studying an eligible undergraduate course, you may be eligible to apply for an International Undergraduate Student Education (iUSE) pass. The iUSE reduces the cost of your PTV fare.

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Getting to campus

There are lots of options available when travelling to campus. To help you, we have mapped out the best ways to travel to each campus via their location pages.

Driving in Australia

If you prefer your independence, then driving and exploring Australia's attractions by road is for you. If you have a valid driver's licence in your country, you could be eligible to apply for an international driver's licence when you arrive. Everything you need to know about roads, rules and licensing in the Australian state of Victoria is available at the VicRoads website.

Find out more about driving in Victoria at VicRoads

Melbourne has an excellent road network and road rules that are important to follow, for the safety of yourself and others. If you decide to apply for your license and purchase a car, you will also want car insurance in case of an accident.

It is safe to drive in rural and remote areas, and you will find there are many well-maintained highways and roads. However, it is important to plan your trip before you leave – Australia is a big country and there are often long distances between towns and facilities. You will need to watch out for wildlife on the road, and it is best to avoid travelling in rural areas late at night when you might not see hazards on the road.

Tips on road safety in Australia

Airport pick-up service

When you arrive in Australia you will most likely fly into Melbourne Tullamarine Airport or Avalon Airport. Melbourne Tullamarine is some distance outside the centre of Melbourne, and Avalon is in a regional area near Geelong. While both airports are connected to bus services and taxis, Deakin will make your arrival easier by picking you up!

Before you arrive in Australia you can apply for our student airport pick-up service. To be eligible you must be coming to Australia as a Deakin international student for the first time, and your accommodation must already be arranged.

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How can I cancel or change my arrival details?

If you need to cancel or change your booking for your airport pick-up please email our office with at least 48 hours notice. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the airport pick-up fee.

What should I do if I can't find my driver at the airport?

If you cannot find your driver in the Melbourne Airport International Arrival Hall, please check that you are waiting in the correct place – you should be waiting at the Melbourne Airport meeting point.

Upon your arrival at the meeting point please wait until your driver arrives. Do not walk away from the meeting point.