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Our pathways finder helps you to discover all the opportunities available to you, so you can walk away with an achievable plan to make your dream course a reality.

Pathways to the Bachelor of Nursing (Clinical Leadership)

Before exploring your pathways to study, please select the kind of applicant you are via the tabs below. If you have graduated from Year 12 in the last two years, you are considered a recent Year 12 student. If you're unsure, learn more about your applicant type.

I'm a current or recent Year 12 student

Based on last year's rankings, your ATAR doesn't quite meet the requirements for this course. But that doesn't mean it's out of reach - ATARs can change from year to year, and there are plenty of other pathways to make your study goals a reality.

If your Year 12 studies have been impacted by difficult circumstances or other disadvantage, you could quality for Deakin's Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) to boost your ATAR. Otherwise, you can follow an alternate pathway to your dream course:

Complete single Deakin units

Currently, bachelor degrees at Deakin require a minimum ATAR of 50. But that doesn't mean you can't plan for the future. If you want to continue studying, you can follow an alternate pathway to your dream course by looking at the pathways to other courses at Deakin such as the Bachelor of Nursing which could lead to studying this course in the future or other great careers.

Burwood 84.9
Waterfront N/A
Waurn Ponds N/A
Warrnambool N/A
Cloud N/A

This course is available at the campuses indicated above. You can choose from our range of locations across Victoria depending on your preferences and ATAR - giving you the freedom to follow a study path best-suited to your circumstances.

Based on last year's rankings, you meet the ATAR requirements for this course. Your next step is to visit the course page to check you meet any additional entry requirements. Then, you can confidently begin your application.

If you don't meet the additional entry requirements, there are still ways to achieve a place on your dream course by following an alternate pathway:

Complete single Deakin units

Visit course page

ATAR: Eligible ATAR is based on 2022 early and first round VTAC offers, including relevant adjustment factors. ATAR requirements for 2023 are currently unknown. Please use past ATAR only for guidance, as ATAR is subject to increase or decrease.

N/A: Course is not available at this campus.

NP: Course is available at this campus, but the ATAR is not published.

RC: Admission to this course is based on a range of criteria.

I'm not a current or recent Year 12 student

If you meet one of the requirements below, you can start your application right away. There may be additional course requirements, including English language criteria, so be sure to check the eligibility criteria on the course page before applying. If you don't meet the requirements, you could still achieve your study goals by following an alternate pathway or browsing similar courses.

  1. Deakin partner, TAFE, or RTO study

    Any of the following:

    - a certificate IV in a related discipline

    - a diploma in any discipline

    - 50% completion of a diploma in a related discipline.

  2. Higher education study

    Completion of relevant study, equivalent to at least two Deakin University units, at an accredited higher education institution.

  3. Relevant work or life experience and/or test

    Either of the following:

    - work or life experience that demonstrates your readiness for this course, as assessed by our admissions team

    - completion of a STAT, which is an aptitude test assessing a range of competencies considered important for university study.

Visit course page

Alternate pathways to the Bachelor of Nursing (Clinical Leadership)

Complete related Deakin units

Gain valuable skills and knowledge to unlock your study options. With this pathway, you can study related Deakin units as full fee-paying single units, before submitting an application to Deakin for your preferred course once you've achieved the minimum entry requirements for your preferred degree. It's recommended you speak with a student adviser to discuss requirements for this pathway, and you'll still need to meet course entry requirements including English language criteria. However you may be able to enter your chosen course by completing at least two of the following units:

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