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Human resources is about building a workforce with the skills, motivation and performance an organisation needs to succeed in dynamic environments. Skilled and qualified human resource managers are in-demand across all industries and sectors.

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An understanding of how to manage human resources (HR) is critical for all managers. Human resource management covers recruitment and talent acquisition, selection, training and development, workplace diversity, employee relations, performance, change management and remuneration. When you study a human resources degree, you’ll develop counselling, mediation and negotiation skills that are valuable in any field.


Undergraduate (your first degree)

An undergraduate degree is generally completed between two to four years, depending on the pattern of study and any recognition of prior learning you may have. Associate degrees, bachelor and bachelor with honours are all undergraduate degrees.


Postgraduate (further study)

A postgraduate qualification can be undertaken by students who have already completed an undergraduate degree or possess significant, demonstrable work experience. Postgraduate courses include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters and PhDs, as well as specialist programs for industry professionals.


Higher Degrees by Research (supervised research)

Research degrees are research based master’s or PhD programs that focus on a single area of expertise. They provide students the opportunity to carry out highly specialised research under expert supervision.

Human resources degrees that will get you work ready

Study HR at Deakin and learn the skills you need from industry experts – there’s a clear connection between what you study and what lies ahead in your career.

Learn in the workplace

Our work-integrated learning program will give you a taste of your future human resources career. You’ll work alongside HR professionals in an organisation and build networks that will help to enhance your career prospects.

Learn from industry experts

Deakin’s human resources academics bridge the gap between industry and research, bringing extensive professional experience and cutting-edge research into the classroom.

Professional recognition

Deakin’s human resource management courses are accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). AHRI is the national peak association that represents human resource and management professionals.

In addition, the Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology) is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). This allows you to undertake additional study in pursuit of professional registration as a practicing psychologist through the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA).

Graduate with an employment advantage

Deakin Business School holds both AACSB and EQUIS accreditations, meaning we are globally recognised and internationally benchmarked. As one of the top 3 business schools in Victoria, a Deakin business or commerce degree will distinguish you from your peers.

I learnt so much about the corporate world, and studying overseas was single handedly the most amazing, educating and broadening experience of my life.

Taylar Farquhar

Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in human resource management and marketing)

Top professional roles in human resource management

Human resource management (HRM) roles are projected to increase by 16.3% or 19,250 new jobs by 2026 according to Australian Government employment projections.* Get ahead with Deakin – we’ll help you build your network within the community and industry.

  • 19,250 new jobs for human resource managers
  • 10,290 new jobs for human resource management professionals
  • 1597 new jobs for training and development professionals.

World-class teaching experiences

Deakin’s industry-shaped courses and practical, real-world approach to learning will prepare you to be adaptable across the jobs of the future.

See HR from a different angle

Study Deakin’s Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology) and explore the human mind in a business context. Take a scientific approach to the day-to-day functions of an HR professional.

Be ready for a transformed career

Artificial intelligence and digital transformation are revolutionising human resources. Deakin’s courses dive into analytics-driven HRM to prepare you for the demands of a changing profession.

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If you're dreaming of an exciting and rewarding career in human resources, we'll help get you there.

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Adding an understanding of psychology to the study of human resources management gives students a complementary set of skills and a professional advantage.

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*National Skills Commission employment projections 2021.
Deakin references data from a range of government, higher education and reputable media sources. For more information, visit our list of sources.

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