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Influence and guide workplace change

This short course enables you to understand workplace change issues, create a plan that is realistic and achievable, and use appropriate tools for managing and contributing to the change process.

  • Start date
    29 Nov 21
  • Duration
    6 weeks
  • Study mode
  • Investment
    $1250 (inc. GST)

Job skills outcome

After completion of the masterclasses, you will be able to apply these skills immediately in your workplace.

  • Distinguish fundamental change tools, which can be applied within organisations.
  • Create a basic change management plan that considers different types of change, identifies key change roles and sets realistic expectations and achievable goals.
  • Select and apply a range of change tools based on an understanding of a situation, and the role and purpose of each tool.
  • Create a basic communications plan that raises organisational change awareness through effective use of channels and messaging to stakeholders.
  • Educate others in change principles, engage with and influence stakeholders, and visualise the change across various audiences.

Reshaping university education

An innovative learning structure delivered by a leading university. With more than 40 years’ experience in distance and online education, we’re proud to be adding this unique study format to our repertoire and providing more choice for your learning experience.

Co-designed with industry

This industry-led stackable short course is co-designed with the Kruidenier Consultancy. Together, we’ve designed a course where you’ll gain skills that you can apply immediately in your workplace.

Meet the expert

Gilbert Kruidenier runs his own consultancy firm and works on complex change problems. He builds capability and mindsets for change and communication that futureproof people and organisations.

Meet the organisation

The Kruidenier Consultancy provides advice, coaching and improvements to determine what type of change works for your organisation.

Course overview

How you'll learn

Go at your own pace with support from your educator and fellow learners during online learning activities and discussions. Complete your course within 6 weeks, including the assessment, or take extra time and use the regular assessment submission windows to complete within 20–26 weeks of your enrolment.

What you’ll learn

During the short course you’ll:

  • explore change context and the factors that influence change
  • learn about basic and advanced change tools, including operating system canvas, strategic change canvas and Kubler-ross curve
  • discuss organisational context, including change leader assessment, Denison framework, and values and ethics
  • identify how to use communication channels and messaging to raise change awareness of stakeholders
  • progressively populate the components of a change plan using the provided template.

How you’re assessed

Produce a basic and practical change plan that articulates how you will implement a specific change project in your own workplace (or a selected workplace agreed with the educator). Your response should include a selection of relevant and appropriate tools, a roadmap with a timeframe for your change, as well as other required components. You can document your plan in a business report (2500 word +/- 10 per cent), PowerPoint slides (maximum 30 slide with detailed notes) or self-recorded video (20–25 minutes).

Entry requirements

To be successful we recommend you are proficient in English and have a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a related field or significant work experience.

Stackable or standalone short course

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*Subject to successful completion of the short course and meeting Deakin’s award course admission and selection requirements, including English language proficiency requirements.

A maximum of four stackable short courses can be used as credit (2 credit points) towards a Master of Business Administration; and two stackable short courses can be used as credit (1 credit point) towards a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration.