Digital and social media



Cut through the noise and add value for audiences and clients as a digital and social media professional. You will create a portfolio of podcasts, blogs, videos, infographics and more, while exploring big data and analytics, virtual and augmented realities, artificial intelligence and gamification. You will connect to industry from day one onward, building your professional-personal brand, producing real-world digital and social media content, and undertaking internships.

The combination of practical assessments, industry events and internship opportunities mean you graduate with a strong network within online communities and digital media industries, and a portfolio of work demonstrating your entrepreneurial mindset, capacity to drive engagement with audiences and skill in developing and managing digital identity and content strategies. You’ll also have the problem-solving, teamwork, online collaboration and project management skills sought after by employers.

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MJ-A318002 (major)


Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Career outcomes

Digital and social media work spans a diverse range of industries and organisations, from multimedia businesses to public relations agencies to content creation in health organisations, museums, sporting clubs and the broader entertainment industries. Deakin graduates find work in the following roles:

  • content producer/digital producer
  • social media officer/coordinator
  • media assistant/officer/advisor
  • community engagement officer/coordinator
  • social media marketing analyst
  • various social media specialist freelance work.

Explore units


To complete a Major sequence in Digital and Social Media complete the eight (8) units as specified below

  • Making Social Media ALM101
  • Making Video ALM102
  • Gamified Media ALM201
  • Quantified Media ALM202
  • Global Media ALM215
  • Social Media Strategy ALM216
  • Digital Media Entrepreneurship ALM302
  • Media Ecologies ALM305
  • Note: Incompatible with the Digital Media and Social Media minor sequences